Your cheese list


Here it is, your cheese list for Mould. Featuring a selection of the best cheeses from the best cheesemakers across the country, this is your chance to taste the cheeses and chat to the makers about what they do, all in one place.


Boosey Creek
  • Warby Red: This washed rind has a pungent farmyard aroma with strong, rustic yet balanced flavours.
  • Boosey Soft: Fresh with a soft and creamy filling, this cheese has earthy mushroom undertones and a silky ivory rind.
  • Boosey Blue: Fruity, sweet and nutty with an excellent balance of flavour. Ideal for those who prefer true blue characteristics but without them overpowering.
  • Burramine Blue: A slightly firmer dry-style blue cheese. Subtle hints of spice and pepper flavours are rounded with great balance and a light acidic finish.
  • Oma’s Favourite: Made using traditional techniques, the flavour profile is complimented with the addition of cumin, resulting in a smooth, mellow yet savoury finish.
L’Artisan Cheese 
  • Marcel: A white mould cheese with a wrinkly and delicate rind. It has citrus notes and when young has a mild to strong milky and earthy taste. The texture is slightly chalky with a runny texture.
  • Mountain Man: A subtle washed rind inspired by Reblochon, an alpine cheese from Haute Savoie. Slightly pressed and aged for four weeks, its pale orange and delicate rind hides a surprisingly smooth and soft texture. Complex and very earthy with a grassy aroma and pungent notes.
  • Extravagant: A triple cream cheese with a fluffy rind, a striking ivory centre and a very light texture. Fresh cream aromas turn into cheesy tastes and an interesting final bite.
  • Raclette: A semi hard cheese. During ripening, it will be washed individually three times a week. Raclette is rightly considered as a melting cheese and is used in the eponymous dish. When enjoyed cold, it is wonderfully complex and slightly pungent.
  • Mepunga Gruyere: A Comte-style semi hard cheese. Its brown rind is hard and dry, but the cheese itself is ivory to yellow, firm and elastic. Allow it to melt in your mouth and experience the layers of aroma and the elegantly sweet and wild finish.
Meredith Dairy 
  • Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese with Chilli and Beechworth Honey: Fresh chévre with Gourmet Garden’s lightly dried chilli flakes, and Beechworth Honey.
  • Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese with Chives and Garlic: Fresh chévre with lightly dried chives from Gourmet Garden and garlic.
  • Meredith Dairy Goat Cheese with Fresh Dill: Creamy chévre with fresh dill.
  • Cultured Goat Milk: Not a cheese but a cultured goat milk, boasting many probiotic properties and easily digestible. It contains pasteurised goat’s milk and is absolutely delicious.
Milawa Cheese 
  • Milawa Aged Blue: Specially matured for eight months, this aged blue has chocolaty cigar box flavours.
  • King River Gold: A washed rind, it has a distinctive light crunch to the rind, and rich meaty smoky flavours through the centre. It is washed weekly in brine.
  • Tomme: A hard goat’s milk cheese made in a small barrel and aged for six months. This cheese has an upfront saltiness that makes way for a lingering tang.
  •  Mt Buffalo Blue: Despite the name, this blue cheese is made from goat milk. It is a mild, restrained blue that has a dense creamy texture and a clean finish.
  •  Milawa Blue: Originally based on a Gorgonzola dolce recipe, this cheese has evolved into a quintessentially Australian Blue. A rich, buttery mouth feel gives way to a lovely salty tang, with a distinctive yet not overpowering blue flavour.
Shaw River Buffalo
  • Shaw River Buffalo Cheese Annie Baxter Special Reserve: A unique cooked curd buffalo cheese matured for four to five months to develop a natural rind, creating buttery sweet flavours with a slight bitter and herbaceous finish.
  • Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella: This buffalo milk mozzarella is hand-stretched and moulded using traditional Italian techniques. A fresh delicate flavour and unique meaty texture.
  • Annie Baxter: A semi hard, cooked curd cheese, handcrafted using similar techniques to that of a pecorino but coupled with the unique qualities of buffalo milk. It is matured for a minimum of twelve months to create its intense flavour.
  • Lady Julia: Matured for a minimum of twelve months, this cheddared cheese has a firm but smooth texture. Buffalo milk makes it creamy white in colour and creates delicate variations in flavour.
  • Buffalino: A smooth creamy texture and a tangy fruit taste, this is a new cheese developed here in Australia by Shaw River. The initial flavour makes an impact but then mellows to a soft linger on the palate.
Stone and Crow
  • Amiel: This special halo shaped goats cheese is a lactic curd, surface ripened cheese that has been sprinkled in ash.
  • Galactic: A cow milk lactic curd cheese with a white mould rind. This rind is different to the standard white mould rind, as it’s more delicate and forms faster in the maturing room.
  • Moonshine: A semi hard, slightly elastic cheese made in the early hours of the morning when the moon is still out. It’s washed every day for the first two weeks and then every week for the rest of its three-to-six-month journey. Rich and creamy with a slight sweetness.
  • Night Walker: A cow’s milk washed rind cheese, rich and creamy with a meaty flavour. Becomes gooey with age.
  • WR: A cow’s milk washed rind cheese, washed every day for a month to create a funky rind and a soft texture.
Tolpuddle Cheese
  • Ned: A semi-hard Alpine-style goat cheese with a natural rind; smooth, sweet and herbaceous when young, Ned develops a drier texture, earthiness and slightly nutty characteristic with age.
  • Goat Curd: A simple, fresh cheese that showcases seasonal changes in the goat milk, which influence the balance of acidity, sweetness and herbaceous notes.
  •  Marinated Gem: A marinated lactic goat cheese in a blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with dried lemon myrtle and juniper berries.
  •  Ashed Chévre: A classic chévre log dusted in a light coating of ash made from citrus leaves grown in the orchard on Tolpuddle Farm. The result is a fine ash with a subtle smokey flavour that contrasts nicely with the smooth, creaminess of the cheese
  •  Feather Top: A soft, bloomy goat cheese with a delicate paste. Under the white mould rind is a fine layer of ash made from citrus leaves grown in the orchard on Tolpuddle Farm.
Yarra Valley Dairy 
  • The Wild Cider: Napoloeone Apple Cider and wild apple yeast geotricum surface ripened white mould. Creamy, fruity, yeasty, smooth mouth feel, lightly textured, fresh, clean and bright.
  • le Jack: Semi-mature white mould goats milk cheese. Nutty, earthy and mushroomy with a textured full length.
  • Persian Fetta: Cow milk fetta marinated in garlic, fresh thyme, bay leaves, peppercorns and olive oil. Creamy, salty tang with a lush, savoury finish
  • Black Savourine Pyramid: Semi-mature, ashed white mould goat milk cheese. Tastes of roast nuts and cooked cream with a hint of blue and a full length.
  • White Savourine: Semi-mature white mould goat milk cheese. Robust, tangy flavours with luscious citric notes.


Grandvewe Cheese
  • Blondie: A fresh Crottin-style sheep milk cheese designed to pair with Hartshorn’s Sheep Whey Vodka.
  • The Gin Herbalist: A sheep milk cheese encrusted with the spent botanicals from gin production. Over its maturation period, the flavours from the botanicals gently percolate through the paste creating a unique flavour experience.
Bruny Island Cheese Co. 
  • Marc: Marc is the name for skins and seeds of grapes once they have been fermented and pressed to make wine. Marc from Bruny Island Wines is rubbed onto the rind of Tom truckles and left to mature. The result is a wonderfully aromatic cheese with a complex, savoury flavour and a winey aroma .
  • Saint: Surface ripened, soft oozy cheese with a light bloom on the rind. This cheese can be eaten younger, when the inside is still firm and the flavour more delicate, or wait until the curd breaks down completely and the flavour gets more pungent.
  • Raw Milk C2: A classic cooked-curd cheese made in the traditional large wheels. Matured for six-to-12 months, C2 has a sweet aroma and mildly nutty flavour. The rind is wiped every week to encourage the surface bacteria that provide this cheese much of its robust integrity.
  • 1792: This cow milk cheese is named for the year the French first set foot on Tasmanian soil. Matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards, its pinky-orange rind is the result of being regularly hand-washed in brine, encouraging the surface bacteria that give this cheese its complex flavour and aroma.
  • George: A semi-hard cow milk cheese aged for six-to-eight months. Savoury with a creamy mouth feel, and a flavour similar to that of a cheddar.
  • O.D.O: It stands for One Day Old and that’s what it is; a simple, fresh cheese that relies inherently on quality cow milk to deliver its flavour. ODO is marinated in olive oil with fresh garlic, and herbs.
Tongola Goat Products 
  • Tongola Big B: A cooked curd, semi-hard, washed rind cheese, that is tended daily over the maturing period (at least three months). It has a unique flavour, full of earthy and pasture aromatics.
  • Big Pepper B: Similar to the Big B cheese, the Big Pepper B is an alpine-style cheese with a layer of crushed native Tasmanian pepperberries through the centre. Full of earthy and pasture aromatics but with a subtle twist.
  • Tongola Zoe: A fresh lactic curd cheese, hand moulded and allowed to ripen within a white mould skin. Light and smooth in texture, the lactic curds provide a slightly sour and tangy flavour.
Coal River Farm
  • Coal River Blue: Made for the lover of the mild blue. A cow milk cheese with a beautiful rind and a slightly sweet, tangy centre, with just the right amount of salt.
  • Triple Cream Brie: A creamy, indulgent triple cream. Robust, full flavour, full of cream with a snowy rind. As it matures it mottles; this is when it’s at its best.
  • Washed Rind Camembert: Complex, earthy, even a little bit stinky. One of Coal River’s most popular cheeses.
  • Marinated Feta: Infused with garlic, Italian herbs, olive oil and vegetable oil to make a cheese that can be used at just about any occasion.
  • Vine Ashed Log: Strong, bold, tangy and salty. Often confused as a blue, this cheese is made from cow milk that as a young lactic curd is rolled in grape vine ash, salted and inoculated with white mould. Seriously creamy and beautiful.


Section 28 
  • Fleurs des Montagne: A semi-soft cheese covered in aromatic woodland herbs and dotted with grey mould. The centre is soft and supple with a smooth, velvety texture and a clean finish. The rind adds a savoury, earthy flavour.
  • Monforte Réserve (30 Months): A semi-hard cheese with a complex but not overpowering flavour. The cheese is sweet, buttery and creamy, with emerging brothy and roasted nut flavours and an earthy undertone.
  • Mont Priscilla: A semi-soft cheese distinguishable by the line of ash running through its centre. The orange-brown rind has been washed to produce a full aroma and a silky, subtle taste. Its centre is soft, buttery, sweet and smooth, with hints of fresh hay.
  • Monte Diavalo: Its rind is lightly washed for 90 days, its centre studded with crushed native pepper berries. The native pepper adds a distinctive savoury flavour to the cheese that is uniquely Australian. Sweet at first, with a peppery, smoky and herbal aftertaste.
Robe Dairy
  • Guichen Bay: This cheese owes its striking grey bloom and unconventional good looks to heirloom cultures and Robe Dairy’s own Jersey milk. Fudgy and delicate in flavour, with notes of fresh mushroom.
  • St Clair: Inspired by the farmhouse ‘fermier’ Bries of France, this cheese is made exclusively with milk from our small herd of Jersey cows. A full, exquisite flavour and lovely textural gradient from rind to centre. Rustic in appearance, with an intense, refined flavour.
  • Nora Creina: Our take on the classic French farmhouse ‘fermier’ Camemberts, handmade using rich milk from Robe Dairy’s small herd of Jersey cows. Heirloom cultures and traditional techniques promote a delicate, aromatic rind and complex flavour. Ripening to become fruity, pungent and molten.


Marrook Farm Cheeses 
  • Brinawa: A tilsit-style cheese we make over the summer months, mild and very moreish when young and stronger when old. A great melting cheese. Washed and turned with great regularity.
  • Bulga: A gruyere/Swiss mountain cheese in style with the unique flavour of the region. Aged for at least 6 months, washing and turning regularly. Made only over the summer.
Pecora Dairy
  • Tipsy Red: A mixed sheep and cow milk wrinkled rind cheese matured with a classic reddish wash, combined with warm beer slops and carefully matured for four weeks.
  • Jamberoo Mountain Blue: Pure sheep milk blue. Medium-bodied blue with a well marbled ivory centre. Creamy with hints of mixed peel/apricot.
  • Espresso Pecorino: Pure sheep milk cheese infused with coffee. Black rind created with coffee grinds mixed with activated charcoal. Have with an Espresso Martini.
  • Bloomy: Ivory wrinkled rind dusted with activated charcoal, with a gooey centre which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth but with a slightly chalky texture. Notes of citrus.
  • Fresh Curd: This fresh sheep milk cheese is simply fermented for 24 hours, hooped and drained for another 24 hours with 1% salt. Pillowy, delicate and beautiful.
The Pines Kiama 
  • The Pines Black Pearl: A semi hard, Italian-style cheese infused with shaved Australian Black Truffle.
  • The Pines Pearl: An Italian-style Tomme, matured for six months and made from late summer milk.
  • The Pines Labne: Made from The Pines European-style non-homogenised yoghurt, this labne is mild and creamy with just a hint of salt. Perfect on its own, sweet or savoury.
  • The Pines Halloumi: Made from 100% cow milk, this halloumi is slightly less traditional than its Cypriot forbearer. A less salty version that pan-fries beautifully with just the right amount of ‘squeak’.







Your food menu


As tempting as it is to try to survive only on cheese, you need something a little more substantial. To sustain you, we’ve rallied the best in the bizz to bring you a range of cheesey (and some not so cheesey) dishes, all made using the best Australian cheese.

Harper & Blohm

Raclette (GF) – $12
Blue cheese grilled sandwich (V) – $11
Welsh Rarebit – $11


Maker & Monger

Fondue grilled sandwich $10
Flaming Reuben grilled sandwich $12
Aligot (evening session only) $12


That’s Amore

Four cheese gnocchi tossed in an Australian Pecorino wheel (V) – $13
Porchetta panini with cheese and slaw – $12
Traditional cannoli stuffed with sweet ricotta, cinnamon and pistachio crumb (V) – $5 each, 3 for $10
Lemon cannoli stuffed with sweet ricotta and lemon curd (V) – $5 each, 3 for $10



Milk The Cow

Truffled Mac & Aussie Cheese $15



Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Fondue $15
– with truffles $25


Tivoli Road Bakery

Cheddar and kimchi Danish $6
Stilton and pickled walnut galette $6
Doughnuts $4
Pastries $4 – $6
Bread $7 – $9


Little Latin Lucy 

Chicken, chorizo, red wine and tomato tostada topped with manchego & roquette salad $6
Smoked mushroom tostada with cactus, lime pickled onion & truffled feta $6



Burn City Smokers 

Grilled corn with truffle Pecorino and Mexican chilli $4
Smoked cheese kransky hotdog with mustard, barbecue sauce and aged Gruyere $13
Brisket burger with pickles, barbecue sauce, mustard and Monetary Jack cheese $15



Ice Cream Social 

Ricotta, chocolate and orange gelato – $5 single scoop, $7 double scoop.
Blue cheese, honey and quince gelato
Milk kefir, maple and cinnamon gelato
Balsamic fig and mascarpone gelato
Olive oil and thyme gelato
Salted caramel gelato
Chocolate brownie gelato
Vanilla gelato
Fruits of the backyard gelato


Salumi Australia 

Salumi meat cones $8


Mount Zero Olives

Olive cones
Falafel cones



Lucy’s Foods

Pink Lady Apple paste $7
Quince paste $7




*Dishes subject to change. Some pricing still TBC

Shaw River Buffalo Wins GOLD at the World’s Biggest Cheese Show


Yep, that’s right. One of our Mould cheesemakers, Shaw River Buffalo, won gold at the 120th annual International Cheese Awards held in Nantwich in Cheshire, England, last week.

The Annie Baxter Special Reserve, a classic Shaw River cheese that underwent an additional four months maturation to give it a natural rind, sharper flavour and increased depth of flavour and texture, won the award for Best Australian Cheese (any variety). This win was particularly exciting for cheesemaker Thea Royal, who says it’s “the first time we have explored ageing one of our cheeses”.

And it wasn’t the only prize Shaw River took home. Its Lady Julia Cheddared Buffalo Cheese took out the silver medal in the Best Australian Cheese (Mature Cheddar) category; and the standard Annie Baxter took out bronze in the Best Australian Cheese (any variety) category.
The awards are considered the biggest and most influential in the cheese world, with over 5,500 entries from 50 countries, and 250 expert judges.

“When you enter the International Cheese Awards it’s always with a sense of trepidation. There’s just so many cheeses in the mix. To come away with three medals is an incredibly humbling result,” says Royal.


Maker and Monger


Tell Us Your Story!
The monger from down under!
I’ve been living and breathing (smelling of) cheese for the last 10 years 🙂 I was brought down to Melbourne in 2010 to run Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder’s prestigious cheese room and from there I was lucky enough to design and help build Australia’s first underground cheese maturation caves and retail room at Spring St Grocer. In 2015, I decided to follow my dreams further and start my own business by opening Maker & Monger’s chariot of cheese at Prahran Market. I’ve represented Australia at the Cheesemonger world championships in Loire Valley, France and came 4th in 2013.

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
Deliciousness factor
Igniting the senses
Everyone loves molten cheese

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
It ain’t easy being cheesy!

Hard or Soft?

Best cheese and booze match ever?
Comte and Ganevat Chardonnay

Funniest cheese making experience?
Coming face to face with a Brown snake at 6am on my first day on the job with Holy Goat Organic Farm and watching one of the ladies take a shovel to it whilst I stood there contemplating changing my pants 😉

Nimbin Valley Dairy


Tell Us Your Story!
Nimbin Valley Dairy produces a range of cow and goat cheeses under the brands of Nimbin Valley , Byron Bay Cheese and Byron Bay Butter Co. All milk is sourced from our farm that overlooks the Nimbin Valley and the famous village of Nimbin, in northern new south wales

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
handmade, authentic, pasture raised milk from our free range animals


Mount Zero Olives

By ARTISANSNo Comments

Tell Us Your Story!
Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that we gather.

Tell us three things about your olives and what makes them unique?
1. We support Australian farmers because we believe that Australia has the best produce in the world
2. We have Greek people tell us we have the best Kalamatas!

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
We find puns too cheesy, mostly briecause we’re not gouda at them

Hard or Soft?
Our olives are medium. If brined correctly they shouldn’t be hard or soft.

Best cheese and booze match ever?
When they’re both matched with olives.

Yarra Valley Dairy


Tell Us Your Story!

We make a range of delicious, fresh artisan cheeses from both cows and goats milk, including our much loved Persian Fetta. Most of our cheeses are soft, in a style that reflects the farmhouse cheese of France and Italy.

We pioneered the marinated fetta style of cheese first creating it around 22 years ago.

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
Our fetta is made with cows milk as opposed to the traditional style made with either sheep or goats milk or a combination of both. We then marinate it in olive oil to make it even more luscious.

Our white mould cheeses are the result of various recipe sourcing trips we have sent our cheesemaker – Jack Holman on over the years. We even named one of them after him – Le Jack, a semi-mature white mould goats cheese. Unlike a camembert style which it resembles in appearance, it can be eaten at various stage of its maturation making for a versatile cheese – kind of like Jack himself..

We named our fresh goats cheese – Gentle Goat. Because its gentle on the pallet and is a definite crowd pleaser, nabbing in those stuffy “I don’t like goats cheese” folk everytime. It ain’t ‘goaty’ as they say.

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
You have a friend in cheeses.

Hard or Soft?
we make both so ridiculously unfair question. Like choosing your favourite wine..

Best cheese and booze match ever?
We are loving our Ashed Pyramid with the current release of Serrat Chardonnay. Acid meets acid head on. This doesn’t always work, it can be a little jarring, but these guys are having a ball together.

La Sirène Brewing


Tell Us Your Story!
La Sirène Brewing began as a response to a calling to create modern day artisanal farmhouse-style beers with character and identity, which quickly evolved into our life-long obsession. Starting life as gypsy brewers in the Victorian Highlands, our artisan brewing adventures swiftly led us to creating our own Urban Farmhouse Brewery next door to the Darebin Creek & National Park in inner-city Melbourne, Australia.

An independent family owned & operated Urban Farmhouse Brewery, we are akin to modern-day ‘Saisonniers’ striving for Artistry in brewing; the intrigue of the unknown is what drives us, exploring & pioneering techniques and unique flavour profiles is what inspires us.

We focus on producing New World Farmhouse beers in our House Style with finesse, texture and above all crisp drinkability in humble honour of these age-old styles.

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
We are a slow beer operation, which is very unusual in this fast paced industry, with a focus on allowing time for carbonation and conditioning across all of our products . All of our bottled beers undertake secondary fermentation in the bottle, it’s a real art and gives our beers the La Sirène house character we seek. We have a specifically built “warm room” that allows for this process where all the bottles (& sometimes kegs) are laid to sleep to evolve. This essentially is the Méthode Champenoise technique to carbonate and condition our beers which can sometimes take months before release, it takes a lot of patience, but we think it’s worth it.

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
Q: Which cheese has a drinking problem?
A: Morbier

Hard or Soft?

Best cheese and booze match ever?
Wild Saison with Delice de bourgogne – but all our beers are extraordinarily scrumptious with all cheeses

Tongola Goat Products


Tell Us Your Story!
Iain and Kate Field run Leap Farm, in south-eastern Tasmania, with a small herd of Swiss Toggenburg goats and some beef cattle, over looking the idyllic Marion Bay.

Iain – “We moved on to the farm in 2012, after a realisation that life in a big city wasn’t delivering the lifestyle that either of us craved. We wanted to know where our food came from and wanted the best produce we could find. So we decided to give it a go and do it ourselves.”

In the time from then to now, the farm has changed as Iain and Kate strive to develop a sustainable and ecologically robust enterprise. Along the way they met Hans Stutz and Esther Hausermann, the original owners, and more importantly, artisan cheesemakers of Tongola. And over the past three years have been working towards Tongola’s next evolution at Leap Farm.

Hans – “We have shared our herd with them, have mentored them in goat husbandry and now have “grand-goats” at Leap Farm. They have been supplying us with milk for the last three years and we have been teaching them the art of Tongola cheese making.”

And so the Tongola story continues……………

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
We make Swiss inspired hand-crafted farmhouse goats’ milk cheeses, on-farm. Our recipes have been handed down to us by real cheesemakers from the Swiss Alpages.

Our milk comes from our small herd that roam the pastures on slopes of Ragged Tier overlooking Marion Bay. The combination of coastal location and gentle slopes means that our native and perennial pastures benefit from being in a small rain pocket, which we can maintain without the use of intensive farming practices.

We’re seasonal, once-a-day milkers, and we leave the kids with their mothers until they’re ready to wean, ensuring a more natural lactation. We believe this gives us the best milk due to improved udder health, but more importantly happy goats.

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
You don’t like cheese? Not even Wensleydale?

Hard or Soft?
There’s a time and a place for both

Best cheese and booze match ever?
Too many to choose from.

Funniest cheese making experience?
Making cheese in Antarctica from powdered goats’ milk!! Let’s just say it was ok.


Pecora Dairy


Tell Us Your Story!
Pecora Dairy is a growing family owned business, where the milk is sourced and processed on site from their own animals. The McNamaras say “We are currently running about 120 ewes in the dairy and plan to expand that to a final number of 200 ewes within the next few years.
Set on 200 acres at 700 metres altitude, Pecora Dairy is in the lush green rolling hills of Robertson, in the Southern Highlands of NSW. This area has a stunning micro-climate with the highest rainfall in NSW – almost 2 metres a year falling into the gauge. This is a dramatic landscape, where the mountain meets the sea and where lush green paddocks sit alongside dense precious rainforest. It supplies permanent spring fed creeks and dams which supports a rich biodiversity, intergral to Pecora Dairy’s philosophy of farming.

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
1) We are farmhouse. In other words, we are a single source, full circle operation. this means that our task is broad and complex. We painstakingly do everything from managing pastures, looking after animals, milking and making this beautiful product into cheese and yoghurt. This is why our cheeses are the ultimate slow, paddock to plate food.
2) We only make cheeses that celebrate the gorgeous underlying sheep milk, Therefore we concentrate on the complex and the subtle rather than the strong and obvious.
3) We are inspired by some of the great sheep milk cheeses of the Pyrenees.Our cheeses are styles that have integrity and pedigree

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
How do you eat a welsh cheese? Very very Caerphilly

Hard or Soft?
I cant answer that… depends on mood.

Best cheese and booze match ever?
Aberlour Abunadh Single Malt with our Bloomy.
Think Christmas pudding with lashings of cream.

Funniest cheese making experience?
Once we had an intern that by mistakenly spiked (like what you would do for blue) a whole batch of semi hard.
We were grating that on our pasta for about 12 months I think.