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We want you to get the most out of your MOULD experience, so we’re bringing Mould Masterclasses back to Melbourne!

Here’s what we have planned:
Each session are 30 minutes and are brought to you by Dairy Australia


5.00 pm: The Fermentary Class (Bruny Island Cheese & The Fermentary
6.00 pm: Black Market Sake and Cheese (Section 28 & Grandvewe)
7.00 pm: Willie Smiths Cider and Cheese (Bruny Island Cheese)


12.00 pm: The Fermentary Class (Bruny Island Cheese & The Fermentary)
1.00 pm: Starward Whisky & Cheese (Milawa Cheese)
2.00 pm: Bruny Island Beer and Cheese (Nick Haddow)


5.00 pm: The women of Australian Cheese (Shaw River, Red Cow Organics and Tolpuddle) –
6.00 pm: Willie Smiths Cider and Cheese (Bruny Island Cheese)
7.00pm: Black Market Sake and Cheese (Section 28 & Grandvewe)

Ticket price: FREE (limited to 50 tix/class)

Masterclass ticket holders must also carry a valid Mould: A Cheese Festival ticket. Limit of 2x tickets per class.

Cheese Chats are proudly sponsored by Dairy Australia.

Your DRINKS LIST for Melbourne, 2019!

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With great cheese, comes great opportunity! And we think that cheese comes to life with a cheeky little drink beside it. We’ve got some world class beer & cider, vodka & whisky and sake & vino for you to discover. Take a taste and find your perfect partner!



Campbell is one of the most extraordinary wine communicators and downright passionate people we know. We’re stoked he’s back again this year with yet another line up of wonderful wines all organic and with minimal intervention.
We love him so much we asked him to write in our sister publication, Pinot Palooza. You can read his article HERE

Sparkling (100ml/bottle)
2013 Sylvain Martinez Gazouillis Chenin Blanc, Loire – 12 / 75
2014 Carriel dels Vilars Pell de Ceba, Catalonia – 15 / 99
2011 Benoit Camus L’Indigene, Beaujolais – 13 / 83

2018 Manon High Paradise Savagnin/Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills – 9 / 58
2018 Sam Vinciullo Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River – 9 / 58
2018 Limus Riesling, Mt Gambier – 10 / 62
2016 Jordi Llorens Blan 5-7 Macabeo, Conca de Barbera – 11 / 65
2015 Pierre Boyat Pure Laine Chardonnay, Macon – 13 / 88
2015 Jerome Lambert Un Brin Gourmand Chenin, Loire – 15 / 99
2013 Verge Le Balaise Oxidatif chardonnat, Macon – 16 / 107

2018 Sam Vinciullo Cow Town Shiraz, Margaret River – 9 / 58
2017 Manon Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills – 10 / 62
2018 Rahpael Beysang & Emelie Hurtubise Nouveau Litre Gamay (1L), Beaujolais – 9 / 80
2017 Bodega Cueva Vi-Viu Syrah, Valencia – 11 / 65
2016 L’Ostal Vendredi Malbec, Cahors – 12/70
2009 Carriel dels Vilars Red, Catalonia – 15 / 99

Extraordinary Brandy (30ml)
Schnabel Weinbrand, South Styria – 19


Haddow & Dineen ‘One Hundred Days ‘ Méthode Ancestrale, 2019 – $15 by glass, $50 by bottle
Haddow & Dineen ‘Grain of Truth’ Pinot Gris, 2018 – $15 by glass, $50 by bottle
Haddow & Dineen ‘Private Universe’ Pinot Noir, 2018 – $15 by glass, $50 by bottle



Farm Ale
Tasmanian pale ale 4.8% ABV
Fruity pale ale made with barley, wheat,
oats and hops from Tasmanian farms.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $10
Four pack $33

Cloudy Bay IPA
raw wheat India Pale Ale 6.6% ABV
Hazy IPA made with Bruny Island wheat
and all-Tasmanian hops.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $11
Four pack $37

Whey Stout
sweet stout enriched with whey 5.8% ABV
Roasty milk stout enriched with lactose from
the whey left over after cheese making.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $10
Four pack $33

Rye Smile
dark rye saison
Light roast flavours complement spicy notes
from the rye and Belgian yeast.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $10.50
Four pack $35

dark pale ale 5.5% ABV
Smooth malt and spicy rye notes meet
pungent, fruit-driven hop aromas.
500mL bottle $10
Four pack $33

Lighthouse Ale
session red ale 2.8% ABV
Rich and malty with subtle, fruity hops
and firm bitterness.
500mL bottle $8.00
Four pack $27

Second Breakfast
honey and oat brett saison 7.3% ABV
Rustic brett flavours and acidity
balanced by delicate honey notes.
750mL bottle $18

2019 Metric Stout
whisky barrel aged post-imperial stout 10.5% ABV
Smooth, intense, and delicious.
750mL bottle $26

The Long Paddock
Tasmanian saison 6.5% ABV
Earthy cereal notes mingle with fruit and
spice flavours against a very dry finish.
750mL bottle $17
750mL mixed three – $50
Mixed four packs – discounts apply


Our core range ciders:
Earthy, medium dry, cloudy – real apple flavours – culinary-apples, and a blend of culinary and cider-apples. The ciders that people know us for. Sessionable or a bit more contemplative – just as happy to go solo as they are cuddling up to a plate of Aussie cheeses.

Willie Smith’s Organic Cider
250ml Glass: $7
355ml can: $9
Takeaway 4 pack: $25

Willie Smith’s Traditional Cider
250ml Glass: $7
355ml can: $9
Takeaway 4 pack: $25

Willie Smith’s Wild Ferment Cider
250ml glass: $7
Keg only – no takeaway

The 750ml – Cider-Apple Ciders:
These are our ciders that really tell the cider apple story. Either single variety cider-apple ciders which scream varietal character – or a blend of cider-apples to paint a picture of how blending the best cider-apples from a vintage works. Either way these babies are full of character, texture, and big apple flavours. Tannin / fruit / acid – say hello to cheese! Available by the 100ml taste or by 250ml glass.

Willie Smith’s Yarlington Mill Cider
100ml Taste: $4
250ml glass: $10
Takeaway 750ml Bottle: $30

Willie Smith’s French Blend Cider
100ml Taste: $4
250ml glass: $10
Takeaway 750ml Bottle: $30



Over the bar
Starward Two-Fold, Fever Tree Tonic and Lemon $9
Starward Two-Fold, Fever Tree Dry and Orange $9
Starward Two-Fold, Sparkling Apple and Lemon $9

Honey Buttered Old Fashioned $15
Tambo Honey and Devondale Butter washed Two-Fold Whisky with smoked bitters and orange
(This was a massive hit at our Distillery bar activation Graze and Grain and a nice note that it will be available at Mould)

To take home
Starward Nova Single Malt Whisky $96
Starward Solera Single Malt Whisky $125
Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky $65
Starward Red Manhattan $49


Vodka $70
Gin $90
Oaked $100
Liqueur $40

Hibiscus and Whey – a refreshing and floral blend of Sheep Whey vodka, lemon and hibiscus infused syrup.
Martini – A classic with a Tasmanian twist. Sheep Whey Gin or Vodka, Lillet Blanc, stirred down and served with a single rose petal floating on top.
Gin and Tonic – Capi Tonic with our Sheep whey Gin and a delicate rose dust sprinkled on top



Uehara Shuzo, Soma no Tengu, 2019, Shiga – 13 / 80
Chikuma Nishiki, Kizan Sanban, 2019 Nagano – 12 / 75
Chiyo Shuzo, Shinomine Kimoto, 2018 Nara – 12 / 72
Fujiichi Shuzo, Kikutaka Kobo #7, 2017 Aichi – 10 / 155
Kidoizumi Shuzo, Hakugyokuko, 2018 Chiba – 13 / 79
Akishika Shuzo, Okarakuchi, 2018 Osaka – 14 / 83
Miwasakura Shuzo, Omusubi, 2018 Hiroshima – 11 / 69
Miyako-Bijin, Yamahai Koshu, 2012 Awaji – 12 / 76
Heiwa Shuzo, Yuzushu, NV, Wakayama – 9 / 59
Ota Shuzo, ‘Dokan’ Umeshu, NV, Shiga – 8 / 55

Your 2019 Cheese List, Melbourne!

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And sheesh .. it’s a big one!




Oasis: Fresh, French style goat cheese coated with French chives and garlic. Delicious crumbled over salads, pizza, pasta and awesome on toast with fresh tomatoes and black pepper!

Truffle Brie:
Luscious Normandy style jersey milk brie scented with fresh truffles from Red Hill. Aromatic, Rich and delicious!

Buffalo Blue:
This delicious, mild buffalo cheese is coated with a bright blue Roquefort mould and features an oozy white interior. Superb with figs, pears and apples.

Chelsea Blue:
Stilton Style blue – a little crumbly on the plate but smooth on the palate… with a great sweet/salt balance. Perfect with winter fruit, quince paste and a sticky wine!



Warrenheip Ashed: A brie style cheese coated in ash. This is what happens when you forget to put the blue mould in when you are making blue cheese, especially when you are married to the other cheese maker. The mistake becomes a new cheese!

St Barbara:
A waxed blue vein made with milk from Jersey cows. The cheese initially tastes like a cheddar but the after taste is blue.

Welshmans Reef:
Made to a traditional Stilton recipe with Friesian Holstein milk. The cheese is riddled with veins of blue. It looks like it could knock your socks off but it doesn’t. It is for the blue vein lover not the novice.



Marinated Goat’s Cheese: Farm-fresh goat’s cheese infused in an olive oil marinade of garlic, thyme and peppercorns. This is a staple for any gourmet home cook because its creamy, versatile and delicious. Marinated goat’s cheese is perfect when complimenting meats, roasted veggies, pasta or when crumbled over a salad. The cheese can also be enjoyed on its own and stars on a cheese board!

Chevre | Australian Native Pepper Berry:
Australia’s most celebrated goat’s cheese, complimented with Australian Native Pepper Berry. Pepper Berry is in the peppercorn family, it has a subtle sweetness, unique spice and purple hue. Pepper berry cherve works great with gamey meats such as kanagroo, duck and lamb. All our cherves are amazing when crumbled over a salad

Chevre | Dusted with ash: Australia’s most celebrated goat’s cheese, dusted with wood ash and seasoned with a pinch of salt. The ash chevre stars on a cheese board, particularly when paired with medijool dates, honey or a premium fruit preserve.

Fresh Goat Curd:
Goat’s curd is one of the simplest forms of cheese. It is vercatile, soft and delicate. In France it is called fromage blonc (white cheese) or fromage fraiis (fresh cheese), and is often enjoyed after meals and sweetened with brown sugar or fruit. In Australia we love it spread on sourdough toast with blackpepper and tomato

Mad Meredith Deal!!!: 2 logs of chevres, a golden jar, a small format cheese and premium crackers. All in a fashionable Meredith Dairy cooler bag… What a crazy deal!



Aged Milawa Blue: The mild creamy Milawa Blue that has been aged for 6 months creating a rich sweet cigar box flavour profile – watch us dig it out of 6kg wheels.

King River Gold: An Australian classic, with its slightly gritty rind and soft delicate interior this washed rind is a MUST taste at the event.

Markwood: Milawa’s hard cow’s milk cheese available only at cellar door, or Penny’s Cheese Shop in Sydney, or The Brunswick Whey in Melbourne. A beautiful sweet Alpine style hard cheese. Grab it while you can!

Tomme: Hard goats milk cheese, with a lovely salty bite. Delicious paired with a cold beer!

Camembert – BAKED: So, we know that cheese is delicious, but melted cheese? That is where its AT! Try our cow’s milk Camembert studded with garlic and rosemary and drizzled with white wine or for the sweet tooth, coated in honey topped with walnuts and baked with cider…yep, see you there!



Venus Blue: Delicate, creamy blue mould sheep cheese, aged 8 months. Made seasonally with only fresh, whole pasture-fed ewes milk from the farmhouse dairy. added to in-house cultures developed from Moyarra Valley raw milk. 2kg wheels are matured slowly, with a natural, peachy-grey rind. Our signature cheese, Venus Blue is a classic example of South Gippsland terroir.

Cheviot Royale: A semi-hard ewes-milk cheese smear-ripened in the cellar at Moyarra Valley for over 12 months. Regular washing of the rind develops an orange surface and resulting complex savoury & bacon flavors. Slow yeast fermentation creates a fruity tang in the firm but smooth, close textured paste. Made only in Spring and Summer with fresh floral sheep milk, this versatile cheese is available all year.

Kongwak Reserve: A hard vintage sheep cheese containing a hint of native Mountain Pepper berry. Aged over 18 months with a natural rind, the local pepper gives a fresh eucalyptus aroma that elevates the sharp crisp of the firm cheese. Made from fresh spring milk grown in the hills up-stream from a bushland reserve in the small valley township of Kongwak, South Gippsland.

Black Sheep: Black Sheep is unique farmhouse-style cheese named after some of the coloured Moyarra ewes that supply the new season winter milk. Each log is gently hand ladled from 500ml of ewes’ milk curd, and lightly salted. A melt-in-the-mouth, dense, creamy cheese with a mottled , silvery Geotrichum rind that develops after 2 weeks’ maturation, as distinctive flora grows through a layer of vine charcoal, house-made from local Gippsland Wine Company Cabernet vine prunings, and dusted lightly onto the surface. This neutralises some lactic acid which sweetens the cheese, and assists development of the wrinkly rind.



Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella:
Made with 100% Buffalo Milk our Mozzarella is hand stretched and molded using traditional Italian techniques. Each porcelain white ball is encapsulated in a tight thin skin, the crayfish like texture inside is juicy and moist with filamented layers of curd. A perfect addition to any dish or antipasto platter for its fresh delicate flavour and unique meaty texture.

Shaw River Annie Baxter
This award winning semi hard, cooked curd cheese is handcrafted using similar techniques to that of a Pecorino cheese, coupled with the unique qualities of buffalo milk. It is matured for a minimum of twelve months to create the intensity of flavour which dwells on the senses and beckons the indulgence of the taster. Voted Grand Champion Cheese at the ‘Fromage du Monde’ in it’s first year of release, winner of a gold award alongside Parmigiano Reggiano and most recently a Bronze at the International Cheese Awards in the UK, Annie is quickly becoming a favorite among cheese lovers.

Shaw River Annie Baxter Special Reserve
Made in Australia with 100% buffalo milk Annie Baxter is a unique cooked curd cheese inspired by traditional pecorino and parmesan techniques with our own special twist. Annie Baxter ‘Special Reserve’ is matured for 4 to 5 months to develop a natural rind creating initial buttery sweet flavours with a slight bitter and herbaceous finish. This cheese reflects the beautiful qualities of fresh Buffalo milk sourced from our own herd in South West Victoria and the rich fertile pastures on which they graze.
Named after Annie Baxter who was the first European woman to settle in our region in the 1840’s. Annie lived at the site where our cheese factory now stands on the banks of the Shaw River, she kept a daily journal documenting her experiences as an early pioneer in Australia. She was an accomplished horse woman, creating a name for herself as a strong independent and vivacious woman. She was one of Victoria’s early cheesemakers running a small dairy herd and selling her cheeses at the local market. Recipient of Two Delicious Produce State Awards for Dairy and a Gold Medal Recipient at the International Cheese Awards in the UK.

Shaw River Smoked Buffalino
Shaw Rivers own unique Buffalino cheese smoked with Mountain Ash. A delicious caramelized smokey flavour complimenting the delicate fruity notes of the original cheese. This cheese is a favourite for cheese platters or for use in cooking.



Night Walker
Night Walker got its name from a group of mates I hang out with. Four times a year (once every season) we get together and head out into to bush on a night walk. On one night walk I pulled out a new cheese I had been working on and they loved it. So the cheese got called Night Walker and it now makes an appearance on every night walk because it’s a great cheese to share with your mates. The Night Walker is a wash rind cow’s milk cheese. I wash the rind every day until its ready to wrap. Rich creamy goodness with a mild meaty flavour.

Galactic cheese is like a little star in the milky way! It is a cows milk lactic curd cheese with a geotricum rind (white mould rind). The geotricum rind is different to the standard white mould rind being more delicate and faster to establish in the maturing room. Because this cheese is so young it is reflecting what the cows milk is currently doing. I.e What the cows are eating and how the season is unfolding. Flavour – Yeasty, bread flavours with some acidity.

Four Pillars Moonshine
Four Pillars Moonshine cheese is a collaboration between Stone and Crow and Four Pillars, because why not bring Cheese and Gin together. The cheese is washed with gin which brings a unique gin flavour to the cheese that compliments the cheese profile. Flavour……… Slight sweetness, creamy and Four Pillars Gin!

Remember a Summer when you worked crazy hours, partied like there was no tomorrow, slept for a few hours and then got up and did it all again. Well that Summer for me was when I lived in “Amiel” in the South of France making cheese.
This special halo shaped goats cheese is a lactic curd, surface ripened cheese that has been sprinkled in ash. A cheese to celebrate those times in our lives when you enjoy every moment. Flavour – Citrus, yeast, cream

Joe Crow
Joe Crow is a semi hard cows milk mountain style cheese. Absolute joy to make and then mature for 6 to 12 months. Flavour – mild and with a slight sweet nutty taste



The Craft & Co Caffe Latte
The Cheese rind is developed by hand by rubbing finely ground coffee beans, which imparts a mellow earthiness to the interior. Caffe Latte is a kind of Pressato cheese aged in grinded coffee beans for 4 to 5 months

Bacco is a kind of Pressato cheese aged in a think blanket of grape marc, the residue that’s left after pressing the fruit to make our wine, for 6 to 8 months. It is mostly fruity and mellow with a very slight sharpness.
Bacchus (in Italian language “Bacco”) is the god of the grape harvest, wine-making and wine.

Gin Cheese
Gin Cheese is a king of caciotta cheese soaked in the same botanicals we infuse into our gin (Juniper, coriander, oris, angelica). The cheese is aged for a brief period; it is a semi-soft cheese with creamy texture and pale-yellow colour. We grow a selection of our botanicals at the farm in Bangholme – angelica, oris, wormwood (artemisia) and coriander to name a few.

Cheese Cone
A mixture of our 3 signature cheeses served with crackers to enjoy at the MOULD Festival – ready to eat and enjoy! (priced per serve)



Goat Curd
A simple, fresh cheese with a delicate, silky texture and creamy mouthfeel. Seasonal changes in the fresh goat’s milk influence the balance of acidity, sweetness and herbaceous notes in Tolpuddle’s fresh goat curd. Tolpuddle goat curd is lightly salted so that it can be used in sweet or savoury dishes.

Feathertop is a soft, bloomy lactic goat cheese with a dense fudgy core. A delicate line of smoky citrus ash through the body of the cheese gives Feathertop a distinctive finish when cut. This ash is made on Tolpuddle Farm using young leaves harvested from our small orange grove.

Truffled Gem
Made especially for MOULD Melbourne, this is a limited edition of our silky marinated goat cheese, featuring black truffle grown in the King Valley. Delish!



A cow’s milk cooked curd hard cheese matured for 12 months. A pure expression of the Yarra Valley but made in the style of the mountain cheese of Europe. Nutty, with good savoury length.

White Savourine
A semi-mature goats milk cheese log aged for 6 weeks. Citrus, nuts and mushrooms all at once with a creamy, textured centre.

Black Savourine
A semi-mature ashed and aged goats cheese pyramid. 6 weeks young. Full flavoured with a hint of blue and a tangy citrus rind.

Persian Fetta
A cow’s milk fetta marinated for around a month in fresh herbs, oil and garlic. Creamy, salty and very luscious. Big on flavour with a silky mouthfeel.

A cow’s milk washed rind matured for 10 weeks. Big flavour hit of savoury, tangy headiness. Intense creamy inner past with a heady pungent rind.Not for the faint-hearted.




Raw Milk c2
milk: cow type: hard, natural rind, raw milk Raw milk C 2 is the sort of cheese found throughout the mountains of France & northern Italy. A classic cooked curd cheese made in the traditional large wheels. C2 matures for 6-12 months, during which time it develops a sweet aroma & mildly nutty flavour. The rind is wiped every week to encourage the surface bacteria that provide this cheese much of its robust integrity.

milk: cow type: soft, white mould in the central plateau of France there are a number of cheeses that are all named after the local Saints. Like our Saint, they are all surface ripened, soft oozy cheeses with a light bloom on the rind – not a thick carpet of single strain white mould found on more commercial cheeses. This cheese can be eaten younger, when the inside is still firm and the flavour more delicate or wait until the curd breaks down completely and the flavour gets more pungent.

milk: cow type: soft, pinot washed in vine leaves OEN (from the word oenology) is a true labour of love; a washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese, washed in Pinot Noir before being wrapped in vine leaves to be carefully matured. The vine leaves protect the cheese and create a moist surface which encourages the flavour development. When mature, OEN’s rind becomes pungent and the texture becomes soft and fudgey.

Unpasteurised Cider Washed Rind
This has been a really exciting collaboration with our mates at Willie Smiths. After several experimental batches where we trialled different ciders to wash our cheese in, we settled on a cider made from traditional Yarlington Mill cider apples that had not been pasteurised, so it still contained loads of wild yeasts. I can’t wait for you guys to try this cheese, its funky and oozy with a lovely bitter sweet finish… Do yourself a favour and try it alongside Willie Smiths superb cider.



Triple Cream Brie
The creamiest, most indulgent Triple Cream Brie made from Tasmania’s finest fresh milk. Blue
Mild, a touch of cream and a full flavour. A perfect addition to any cheese board wanting a quality Tasmanian made blue.

Washed Rind
A traditional Camembert washed with Brevi to give an indulgent, subtle washed rind that brings out the quality Tasmanian milk qualities.

Tasmanian Tilset
Many countries claim it, but the Tasmanian version is truly memorable. Mild, lingering and highlighting the very best qualities of Tasmanian milk this semi hard cheese is a winner for cheese boards or melting.

Marinated Feta
Garlic, herbs and a spreadable feta marinated to bring out the best characteristics of all the ingredients.



Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue is a fickle cheese that presents GRANDVEWE with its biggest seasonal challenges. EWE’s milk is naturally homogenous which means seasonality in this cheese is always a challenge / highlight for our cheesemaking.

Gin Herbalist
This is a cheese that we designed for the inaugural MOULD to demonstrate Grandvewe’s commitment to up cycling in collaboration with our distilling company, Hartshorn Distillery – Hartshorn use the whey from the Gin Herbalist to create its ferment and in turn Grandvewe uses Hartshorn’s spent gin botanicals to flavour the outside of the Gin Herbalist. Zero Waste.

Old Man
This is a semi hard washed rind cheese. Often a little pudgy around the edges, a little funky on the nose – an Old Man. Make of it what you will…

She’s blonde in her youth but as she ages, on occasion her darker roots will show. At times she’s been prone to floral adornment to distract attention from her ageing greyness…

Brebichon is our sheep milk interpretation of the classic cow’s milk cheese from Savoie but with Grandvewe’s classic twist. This stinky number is the only cheese in Australia set with Cardoon Thistle rennet. A spanish twist on a French inspired fromage with a sheepish lilt!



Red Cow Persian Feta – Voted # 1 Australia 2019 Best Feta in Dairy Industry Association Australia
Our Persian Feta is an absolute delicacy. Its delicate fresh and creamy texture. It is marinated in Tasmanian olive oil, seasonal herbs & garlic. The milk is sourced from our certified organic cows. Use this excellent aperitif for your cheese platter, tossed through salads or to add a touch of class to your pasta dishes.

Organic Tilsit
Australian Award Winning Semi Hard Swiss style cheese, Certified Organic, individually hand turned, and hand washed to develop the flavour of the outer surface rind. Matured on Natural timber boards.

Organic Gruyere
It is traditional, creamery, pasteurised semi-soft cow’s milk cheese. The natural, rusty brown rind is hard, dry and pitted with tiny holes. The cheese is a dark yellow. The texture is dense and compact. Slightly grainy, the cheese has a wonderful complexity of flavours -…: The cheese is washed and brushed, grainy, uniformly brownish and healthy rind-like crust. Matured to 6 -8 months. Certified Organic. 100 % grass Fed Cows.

Baby Bries – Certified Organic
Made from fresh grass-fed organic milk & rich, oozy, buttery flavour matured to perfection. Incredible on your pallet – just divine !



Pyengana Cloth Wrapped Cheddar
Cow’s milk. One of Australia’s most awarded cheeses, cloth wrapped and aged for a minimum of 12 months. Pyengana cheese is made using traditional methods on our farm that have been handed down through the generations.

Pyengana cloth wrapped goats cheddar
A new addition to the Pyengana range, with milk from our own goats, we wrap the cheese in cloth and age to ensure a smooth tasting goat cheese – with just enough bite.

Pyengana St Columba Blue Cheese
We wanted to make a blue cheese – our cheese makers have ensured an authentic blue flavour that does not overpower the palette – and we have done it. St Columba blue is made in the tradition of Pyengana, with milk from our goat farm.

Pyengana Cloth Wrapped Vintage Cheddar
Cow’s milk, aged for a minimum of 24 months – the Pyengana vintage is aged to perfection, a sharp taste. Our cheese graders select only the best cheese to go on to be classed as Pyengana Vintage.

Robur Farm Marinated Goats Fetta
A firm Fetta cheese, marinated in herbs and spices.




Australia first and only uncooked Raw Milk semi hard Cheese. This cheese is quite like a Pyrenean sheep milk tomme – full of flavours of the earth. Nutty and lactic with floral and herbaceous grassy notes and background of tropical fruits. This cheese was made in December 2018 and sheep were grazing on especially grown millet grass.

Jamberoo Mt Blue
Half Cow Half Ewe’s milk blue. This youthful 3-month-old medium bodied blue has a well marbled ivory paste. White petalled flowers and champignon aromas precede a spicy sweet creamy paste with hints of mixed peel/apricot. Needs a glass of red or something sticky.

Beneath the deep Ivory wrinkled rind dusted with activated charcoal is a gooey texture which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth but with a slightly chalky texture. It has notes of citrus with a lingering “creme fraiche” mouth-feel. We love eating Bloomy with a glass of Pinot Gris or other crisp dry white.

Curly Red
Gin Washed with a redish aromatic bacterial smear. Out of the gooey texture comes sweet milky meaty sweaty buttery goodness and a silky mouthfeel.

Half cow half sheep to create better complexity. Made in January – 4 months old with a natural rind and a flexible paste. Extremely buttery, herbaceous and nutty. A classic Tomme style.

Fresh Curd
A half sheep half cow pillow of soft spreadable cheese wrapped in vine leaves. Delicious on crusty bread or used in salads or pasta. Delicate gorgeous texture with a clean finish.



Dream is a soft, surface ripened cheese based on a traditional Camembert. We allow a variety of moulds to establish a soft rind before wrapping each cheese individually to complete maturation. It can be eaten after 4 weeks but is best around the 6-8 week mark when the earthy, mushroomy notes are fully established and the cheese is at its gooey, oozey best.

Marilla is a mild washed rind, semi soft cheese made from an old Irish recipe. With a vibrant rind with plenty of flavour and a buttery paste with increasing nuttiness as it ages.

‘Pearl’ is a semi-hard cheese – based loosely on a French alpine style – aged approximately 8 months. The Wheels are brined and brushed for the first 4 weeks then left to mature naturally in our cheese silo. Starting out mild and milky – developing sweeter, fruity tones and a buttery finish combined with the sharpness that reflect the pastures the cows were grazing. ‘Pearl’ is a direct reflection of the seasonal variants we see in our herd and will subtly change week to week.

7 years ago, we visited Somerset and experienced Cheddar making for the first time. 2 years ago, we set out to make our own version of a traditional Farmhouse Cheddar on our own farm. We’re stoked to have those first ever batches available – exclusively at Mould and in limited quantities. It’s sharp, it’s crumbly, it’s Cheddar. Get on it.



Buffalo Mozzarella
Made with 100% fresh Australian Buffalo Milk. Porcelain White in colour, lactic and sweet with a creamy interior.

Wood Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella
Made with 100% Australian Buffalo Milk and cold smoked using Australian beechwood chips. lightly smoked to add another level of complexity to the sweet creamy lactic taste.

Made in the traditional way by hand stretching fresh mozzarella into a paper-thin outer casing filled with creamy stracciatella then hand tied to form a ‘money bag’ of oozy creamy deliciousness.

The luscious creamy filling of our burrata. Hand stretched mozzarella is pulled apart into thin strands, which are cut and then mixed with fresh cream. Add this to your pasta for a rich creamy finish or simply serve it with fresh crusty bread.

A cow’s milk mozzarella which has been aged and cold smoked to give it a golden colour. This cheese has a mild natural smokiness and a soft texture making a perfect cheese for your next cheese board, or add it to your favourite pizza or parmigiana.

This cow’s milk mozzarella is the cheese of choice for Australia’s best pizzerias, favoured for its lower moisture content and superior melt. Pizzarella is also great used in a lasagna or your favourite sandwich.




Our flagship cheese; handcrafted in very limited quantities from the best cow’s milk produced by the dairy. It is a raw milk, semi-hard cheese with a complex, but not overpowering flavour.

Mont Priscilla:
Distinguishable by its line of ash, this semi-soft cheese has an orange-brown rind that has been washed to produce a full aroma and a silky pâté that is buttery and sweet, with hints of fresh hay.

Fleur des Montagnes:
An alpine semi-soft cheese that is covered by woodland herbs and spotted with natural mould. These balance the creaminess of the pâté and provide a mellow herbaceous flavour with a clean finish.

Mont Rouge:
A semi-soft cheese with a lightly washed rind that highlights the simple goodness of our milk. The pâté is soft and supple, with a smooth, velvety texture and a clean, slightly sweet finish.

Monforte – Grand Reserve:
A very limited reserve release, only for MOULD Festival, of our flagship Monforte. Every now and then, when the milk is outstanding, we hold a batch of Monforte back and age it for around 3 years. This cheese has an amazingly complex flavour, earthy aromas and a dense texture containing tyrosine crystals. Only available in the ‘s28 Flavours of Mould’ Cheese Pack.



We want you to get the most out of your MOULD experience, so we’re bringing Mould Masterclasses back to Sydney!

Here’s what we have planned:

Friday, May 24th
5:00pm- Black Market Sake and Cheese
6:00pm- The Fermentary
7:00pm- Willie Smiths Cider and Cheese

Saturday, May 25th- AM Session
12:00pm- The Fermentary
1:00pm- Bruny Island Beer and Cheese
2:oopm- Willie Smiths Cider and Cheese

Saturday, May 25th- PM Session
5:00pm- The Fermentary
6:00pm- Willie Smith Cider and Cheese
7:00pm- Black Market Sake and Cheese

Ticket price: FREE (limited to 50 tix/class)


 Masterclass ticket holders must also carry a valid Mould: A Cheese Festival ticket. Limit of 2x tickets per class.

Cheese Chats are proudly sponsored by Dairy Australia.

CHEESE CHATS: Brisbane, 2019

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We want you to get the most out of your MOULD experience, so we’re bringing Cheese Chats to Brisbane! These chats will run twice per session, featuring sake, cider and mould (appropriate, right?)!

Each session is FREE but spots are still limited – first in, best dressed.

Day Session
12.00pm FIRST MASTERCLASS – Willie Smiths Cider and Bruny Island Cheese Co. – 2 x ciders and 2 x cheese
1.30pm SECOND MASTERCLASS – Black Market Sake, Milawa and Section 28 Cheese – 2 x sake and 2 x cheeses

Evening Session 
5.00pm FIRST MASTERCLASS – The Fermentary Class with Nick Haddow and Sharron Flynn – MOULD
6.30pm SECOND MASTERCLASS – Bruny Island Beer and Cheese with Nick Haddow – 2 x beers and 2 x cheeses

Cheese Chats are proudly sponsored by Dairy Australia.

Your MOULD MENU: Brisbane, 2019

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To complement the cheesy offering (and soak up all that delicious booze) may we present your food menu by Blackbird

Spiced pumpkin guacamole w queso fresco + corn chips – $12

Salmon gravlax w dill mayonnaise, baby cornichons + baguette – $15

Grilled reuben sandwich – pastrami, gruyere, sauerkraut, Russian dressing – $15

Mini Jack Daniel pork rib pies – 3 for $12



You’ll learn just by eating, but if you want to up your knowledge even more then make sure you sit in on one of our MOULD ‘Cheese Chats’. From raw milk, to beer and cheese matching, to the science behind yeast and mould, there’s something for everyone.

And the best bit? They’re free! Spots are limited though, so first in, best dressed.


This Cheese Chat focuses on cheese made with raw (unpasteurised) milk. For this session, Bruny Island Cheese Co.’s Nick Haddow will be joined by Pecora Dairy’s Michael McNamara, ethical farmer and advocate of the raw milk industry, to take you through a tasting of a selection of raw milk cheeses matched with beers and wines. 


Just in time for the warmer weather, Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. and Thea Royal from Shaw River Buffalo Cheese will get to together to talk about spring cheeses paired with spring beers. 


Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. (he wrote the yellow book) and Sharon Flynn from The Fermentary (she wrote the blue book) will talk all things mould, yeast and fermentation. They’ll also touch on tradition and flavour over a tasting of a great selection of snacks.


12pm – Raw Milk
2pm – Yeast & Mould
6pm – Yeast & Mould
7pm – Beer & Cheese 

12pm – Raw Milk
2pm – Beer & Cheese 

Melbourne Cheese Chats 2018

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We want you to get the most out of your MOULD experience, so in 2018, we’re offering masterclasses for FREE! Led by Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. with guest cheesemakers as co-hosts, three informal “cheese chats” will run at various times throughout the sessions.

Each session is FREE but spots are still limited, so will be capped at two spots per transaction. Reserve your place by booking via the below link. You also must have a MOULD GA ticket, corresponding to the cheese chat session, to be eligible.

This cheese chat focuses on cheese made with “raw” (or unpasteurised) milk. For this session, Haddow will be joined by Kym Masters from Adelaide’s Section28, to take you through a tasting of several raw milk cheeses paired with different beers and wines.

Haddow will be joined by Shaw River Buffalo’s Thea Royal to discuss cheese and beer matching. Bruny Island Cheese Co.’s Metric Tomme and Fresh Hop Washed Rind cheeses will be paired with two Bruny Island Beer Co. beers, and Shaw River’s award-winning Annie Baxter Special Reserve will stand up against brews from La Sirene.

Pyengana Dairy’s Dave Bennett will pair his cheddar with Starward’s Solera whisky, and Paul Wilson from Nimbin Valley Dairy will match his Saint Billie to Staward’s wine cask whisky in this whisky and cheese pairing session. Discover for yourself what makes this combination so special.

Session times:
Friday 4th May: 6pm Beer and Cheese; 7pm Whisky and Cheese
Saturday 5th May AM: 12pm Raw Milk; 2pm Beer and Cheese
Saturday 5th May PM: 6pm Raw Milk; 7.30pm Whisky and Cheese




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Were you at MOULD – A Cheese Festival in 2017? You were? We hope you had a gouda time. We thought it was grate, especially for an inaugural event. But we want to make 2018 even fetta!

It’s why MOULD will run over THREE sessions in Melbourne this year: A Friday evening session on May 4 (5-9pm), and a day time (11am – 4pm) and an evening session (5-9pm) on Saturday 5 May.

We know how much you guys love cheese. Last year, we invited the country’s best cheesemakers and mongers to come together for a day of tastings, masterclasses and demos, and you all came out in droves to meet them and try their stuff. The makers themselves were so thrilled to see how many of you turned up; although admittedly, they were a little overwhelmed at times.

So this year, to make it easier on them, us, and you, we’re offering more sessions but capping the number of tickets available at each. So there is the same amount of tickets on sale as last year, but because we’re splitting them over three sessions, it means there’ll be less people in each. Less people = less waiting around and much, much more cheese for you.

Again, we’ll have a bar stocked with a range of awesome wines, whiskies, gins, beers, ciders, sakes and more, all selected for their individual cheese-matching abilities. We’ll also have some of the city’s best cheesemongers, chefs and restaurants dishing up some delicious cheesy dishes.

We hope you’ll be back to help us MAKE MOULD GRATE in 2018!

MOULD – A Cheese Festival Returns for 2018!

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After a successful inaugural 2017, MOULD – A Cheese Festival is back for 2018, returning to Melbourne for the second year running, and heading to Sydney for the first time.

Presented by REVEL (the team behind cult wine event Pinot Palooza) in collaboration with cheesemaker and Milk Made author Nick Haddow of Bruny Island Cheese Co., MOULD is a celebration of the Australian cheese industry.

The best artisan cheese producers from around the country – including Bruny Island Cheese Co., Yarra Valley Dairy, Shaw River Buffalo Cheese, Grandvewe, Stone & Crow and many more – will come together for tastings, conversations, demonstrations, and masterclasses.

Demand from the cheese-crazed crowds was so high in 2017, that in 2018, MOULD will operate over multiple limited-capacity sessions. In Melbourne, session one will run from 5pm to 9pm on Friday 4th May, and sessions two and three will run from 11am till 4pm and 5pm till 9pm respectively on Saturday 5th May. In Sydney, two sessions – 11am till 4pm and 5pm till 9pm will run on Saturday 1st September.

Alongside tastings of the best Australian cheeses, each festival session will also feature a food program, with the likes of Maker & Monger, Harper & Blohm and Burn City Smokers serving up cheesy dishes for purchase in Melbourne. Sydney’s food program is still to be confirmed.

To wash down all the cheese, drinks will be available to purchase in both cities from the well-stocked, highly curated bar. Local wines, whisky, beer, cider and sake will all be available; each one chosen for its cheese-pairing characteristics.

Tickets are on sale now for $45 + BF. The price of admission includes a Plumm wine glass, glass of wine from the bar and unlimited tastings of the best Australian cheeses.


DATE: Friday 4th (5pm – 9pm) and Saturday 5th May (11am – 4pm and 5pm – 9pm)
VENUE: Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne


DATE: Saturday 1st September (11am – 4pm and 5pm – 9pm)
VENUE: Bay 25, Carriageworks, Eveleigh