You probably could live on cheese alone, but where’s the fun in that? To complement the cheesy offering (and soak up all that delicious booze) may we present your food menu, Sydney!

The Artisan Cheese Room

Raclette Toastie $10
Oozy L’Artisan Organic Raclette on organic sourdough with cornichons & dijon.

Mumbai Spiced Toastie $10
Section 28 Tomme du Vallee, fresh green chilli and coriander chutney & ground spices on organic sourdough.

Epic Pizza

Fat Tony: Tomato, mozzarella $7/slice
OK USA: Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, oregano $7/slice
Sweetgreen: Garlic, mozzarella, spinach, ricotta $7/slice

AGAPE Organic

Antipasto plate – beetroot hummus, marinated olives, tapenade, fennel pickles, flatbread $12
Roast wagyu beef taco, tomato, coconut & coriander salsa, mayo, slaw, soft corn taco $9
Mushroom tostada, truffle mayo, caramelised onion, chervil, slaw $9
Nachos – wagyu beef chile con carne/veg/vegan with cheddar, tomato sauce, chimmichurri, sour cream, corn chips $14
Slow roasted pulled pork belly rice bowl, crackling, miso bbq, pickles, chimmichurri, rice & quinoa $16.5
Beet & citrus cured king salmon rice bowl, matcha aioli, pickles, sprouts, wakame, rice & quinoa $16.5
Chips $9

The Fermentary

Kimchi cheese toastie $12
Milk Kefir Labna with red kraut and Sake Lees Cracker $8
350gm Krauts $15 – Danish Red Kraut or Smokey Jalapeno Kraut
Water kefir $6 – Strawberry Black Pepper, Lime & Mint or Fig & Ginger
Flavoured Milk kefir $5 – Blueberry or Coffee
350gm Labna in Mt Zero Olive Oil with garlic & herbs $15
Milk kefir scoby kit $25.00
Book: Ferment for Good by Sharon Flynn $39.50

Fino Foods

Peppered Fig Paste
Pickled Baby Figs
Peach & Muscatel Chutney
Baby Cornichons

$8.00 each. Pack of three $20.

Mount Zero

Olive cones

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