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With three MOULD sessions, competition for the People’s Choice was tough. A combined fourteen hours of tasting meant the crown could have gone to anyone!

As it turns out, there was one clear winner. And that was…. drumroll please… MILAWA CHEESE!

Well done, team!


  1. Milawa Cheese Co.
  2. Bruny Island Cheese
  3. Grandvewe

Your P&V Wine List, Sydney

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Cheese and wine is a popular pairing, but it doesn’t always work. Except for at MOULD. We’ve curated a drinks offering specially designed to pair well with cheese. The guys from P&V Wine + Liquor Merchants have selected the wines – except for the rosé which was made just for the festival. We’ve got the best beer and cider producers in the state. Shaun Byrne from Maidenii is running a standalone vermouth bar, Black Market Sake is bringing a range of sakes, and Hartshorn Distillery will have its sheep’s whey gin and vodka.

There may even be some more surprises on the day.

Core list

Pet Nat
Frankly Bob

Rizza 370ml

Jumpin’ Juice

Chilled Red #1
3Pinots 370ml

Little Reddie Metcalfe

Baller List

Champagne Diebolt-Vallois Blanc de Blanc NV

Les Dolomies Croix Sarrant Savagnin
Les Dolomies Les Combes Chadonnay
Domaine Valette Pouilly-Vinzelle
Domaine Valette Pouilly-Fuisse
Domaine Valette Vire-Clesse
Domaine Valette Macon-Chaintre

Radikon Jakot 500ml
Radikon Oslavje 500ml
Radikon Sivi Pinot Grigio
Radikon Slatnik
Okro’s Wines Mtsvane

Zurab Topuridze Chkaveri Rosé
Tschida Rose

Bindi Block 5 Pinot
Bindi Original Vineyard Pinot Noir
Jean Foillard Côte du Py Morgon
Occhipinti SP68
Bondonnio Barbaresco
Ellio Sandri Barolo


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You probably could live on cheese alone, but where’s the fun in that? To complement the cheesy offering (and soak up all that delicious booze) may we present your food menu, Sydney!

The Artisan Cheese Room

Raclette Toastie $10
Oozy L’Artisan Organic Raclette on organic sourdough with cornichons & dijon.

Mumbai Spiced Toastie $10
Section 28 Tomme du Vallee, fresh green chilli and coriander chutney & ground spices on organic sourdough.

Epic Pizza

Fat Tony: Tomato, mozzarella $7/slice
OK USA: Tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, oregano $7/slice
Sweetgreen: Garlic, mozzarella, spinach, ricotta $7/slice

AGAPE Organic

Antipasto plate – beetroot hummus, marinated olives, tapenade, fennel pickles, flatbread $12
Roast wagyu beef taco, tomato, coconut & coriander salsa, mayo, slaw, soft corn taco $9
Mushroom tostada, truffle mayo, caramelised onion, chervil, slaw $9
Nachos – wagyu beef chile con carne/veg/vegan with cheddar, tomato sauce, chimmichurri, sour cream, corn chips $14
Slow roasted pulled pork belly rice bowl, crackling, miso bbq, pickles, chimmichurri, rice & quinoa $16.5
Beet & citrus cured king salmon rice bowl, matcha aioli, pickles, sprouts, wakame, rice & quinoa $16.5
Chips $9

The Fermentary

Kimchi cheese toastie $12
Milk Kefir Labna with red kraut and Sake Lees Cracker $8
350gm Krauts $15 – Danish Red Kraut or Smokey Jalapeno Kraut
Water kefir $6 – Strawberry Black Pepper, Lime & Mint or Fig & Ginger
Flavoured Milk kefir $5 – Blueberry or Coffee
350gm Labna in Mt Zero Olive Oil with garlic & herbs $15
Milk kefir scoby kit $25.00
Book: Ferment for Good by Sharon Flynn $39.50

Fino Foods

Peppered Fig Paste
Pickled Baby Figs
Peach & Muscatel Chutney
Baby Cornichons

$8.00 each. Pack of three $20.

Mount Zero

Olive cones



You’ll learn just by eating, but if you want to up your knowledge even more then make sure you sit in on one of our MOULD ‘Cheese Chats’. From raw milk, to beer and cheese matching, to the science behind yeast and mould, there’s something for everyone.

And the best bit? They’re free! Spots are limited though, so first in, best dressed.


This Cheese Chat focuses on cheese made with raw (unpasteurised) milk. For this session, Bruny Island Cheese Co.’s Nick Haddow will be joined by Pecora Dairy’s Michael McNamara, ethical farmer and advocate of the raw milk industry, to take you through a tasting of a selection of raw milk cheeses matched with beers and wines. 


Just in time for the warmer weather, Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. and Thea Royal from Shaw River Buffalo Cheese will get to together to talk about spring cheeses paired with spring beers. 


Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. (he wrote the yellow book) and Sharon Flynn from The Fermentary (she wrote the blue book) will talk all things mould, yeast and fermentation. They’ll also touch on tradition and flavour over a tasting of a great selection of snacks.


12pm – Raw Milk
2pm – Yeast & Mould
6pm – Yeast & Mould
7pm – Beer & Cheese 

12pm – Raw Milk
2pm – Beer & Cheese 

Your 2018 Cheese List, Sydney!

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Frolicking Goat
Bûche & Bûche Noir:
The Bûche is a classic French-style goat cheese. The aroma is unmistakably goat cheese – in a pleasant, mouth watering way. The taste is complex, tangy, some fruitiness with some lingering acidity. The paste has a creamy mouth feel. The cheese will develop more flavours as it ages and will become drier in texture. The DIAA gold medal gave the Bûche Noir an invitation to the 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards. The Australian Grand Dairy Awards are like a final series of the gold medal winners of the larger, prestigious dairy competition. The Bûche Noir won a gold medal at the 2017 & 2018 Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show (Ekka). It was also crowned the 2017 & 2018 LendLease Champion Queensland Cheese or Dairy Product of Show and in 2018 as the Champion Non-bovine cheese.
Mount Cotton & Mount Gravatt:
The Mount Cotton develops the strongest taste of this range of cheeses. The Mount Cotton takes a little longer to develop its more pronounced flavour and takes a while to ripen through the paste. It doesn’t have the smoothness and politeness of the Bûche. For those looking for a bolder and stronger tasting goat cheese, this is the one for you! The Mount Gravatt develops similar flavours to the Mount Cotton – just not as strong. The Mount Gravatt is a stunning addition to any cheese platter. If you like a stronger tasting goats cheese without quite the boldness of the Mount Cotton, the Mount Gravatt is a good selection. Our farm is on a hill and we look one way to Mount Cotton and the other way to Mount Gravatt.
Jessie & Liesel:
This cylindrical shaped cheese is our take on the Chabichou du Poitou or Chabis – a fundamental cheese to that region. This cheese is a larger cheese than the Crottin which some people might be more familiar with. The shape of these cheeses cause the cheese to have a stronger, slightly more acidic flavour than the Bûche and a more crumbly texture.
Our halloumi is made from 100% goat milk. It is a salty, brined unripened cheese that is not rubbery as some Halloumi can tend to be.


Nimbin Valley Dairy
St Billie:
St Billie is a surface ripened lactic goat cheese similar in style to the classic goat cheeses from southern France. (80g) The firm and smooth paste has grassy and goat flavours. The rind is slightly chewy with a grassy and mouldy flavour. Its definitely a goat cheese but with a lot of other interesting flavours going on. Traditionally this type of cheese is eaten warm and drizzled with honey. It really does benefit from pairing with something sweet such as very ripe figs. An excellent addition to salads with nuts and a sweet fruit.
Blue Goat:
Blue Goat is a mild, firm blue cheese that becomes softer with age. The paste is pearly white with ribbons of blue running throughout. Whole wheels weigh 2.5kg and portions are a minimum 100g. The mild blue flavour becomes stronger with age along with additional fruity flavours. This is a blue cheese for those who don’t usually enjoy goat products. It can be eaten with a good bread or goes particularly well as part of a salad and is definitely lifted by pairing with some sweet fruit such as grapes or figs. A great addition to pizza.
Tintenbar Triple Cream:
Tintenbar Triple Cream is a classic bloomy white mould cow milk cheese with extra cream added and has a luscious yellowish paste with a white mould rind. (150g) When young the soft creamy paste has a mushroomy flavour which contrasts well with the less ripe chalky and acidic core. With age the chalky core disappears and becomes very soft and gooey throughout and may have a slightly ammonia aroma. Best eaten at room temperature with crusty bread or crackers. Can be used as the centre piece in a salad with strongly flavoured leaves such as rocket and some nuts. A well matured cheese will benefit from unwrapping and leaving at room temperature for 30 minutes prior to eating.
Nashua Washed Rind:
Nashua Washed Rind is a cow milk cheese that pays homage to the stinky soft cheeses from northern France such as Epoisses. (150g) It has a luscious yellowish paste with a mixed white and orange rind which is slightly sticky. When young the soft creamy paste has a mild mushroomy flavour which increases considerably with age giving mushroom, grassy and barnyard flavour notes. This is a cheese that you know is in the fridge when you open it, but its bark is much worse than its bite! Nashua is a cheese that should be enjoyed with stronger flavoured wines or even fortified wines. Pair it with a strong sour dough or a lighter crusty french bread to enjoy the full flavour of the cheese itself. Nashua is a hearty full flavoured cheese so it is best combined with milder ingredients when preparing a meal. Chunks baked with thinly sliced potatoes, garlic and a small amount of milk or cream create a wonderfully rich potato bake.

The Pines Kiama
Our ‘Dream’ is a mild and creamy take on a traditional Camembert. With earthy tones, hints of mushroom and a creamy pâté.
Our ‘Carla’ has a wild, natural rind which we’ve modelled after a Welsh Caerphilly. This cheese is mild, buttery and extremely moreish.
Our ‘Pearl’ is an aged, semi hard cheese packed full of sweet complex notes that directly refelext our seasonal pastures.
We’ve gone for a slightly less salty version of a traditional Halloumi. Fry it up, add it to a salad, use it in an entree, pair it with meat or simply squeeze on some lemon and eat the whole block.

Pecora Dairy
Australia first uncooked Raw Milk Cheese. This cheese is quite spanish. A zippy cheese full of flavour. Nutty and lactic with floral and herbaceous grassy notes and background of tropical fruits. This cheese was made in December 2017 and sheep were grazing on especially grown millet grass.
Jamberoo Mt Blue:
Half Cow Half Ewe’s milk blue. This youthful 3 month old medium bodied blue has a well marbled ivory paste. White petalled flowers and champignon aromas precede a spicy sweet creamy paste with hints of mixed peel/apricot. Needs a glass of red or something sticky.
Beneath the deep Ivory wrinkled rind dusted with activated charcoal is a gooey texture which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth but with a slightly chalky texture. It has notes of citrus with a lingering “creme fraiche” mouth-feel. We love eating Bloomy with a glass of Pinot Gris or other crisp dry white.
Tipsy Red:
Gin Washed double cream washed rind with or without truffles. A huge 250gm half cow half sheep of pure indulgence. Out of the gooey texture comes sweet milky meaty sweaty buttery goodness and a silky mouthfeel.

Vannella Cheese
Our cows’ milk cheese is stretched tissue-thin and filled with creamy stracciatella and then a knot is hand-tied at the top, sealing the pouch and creating a brilliant contrasting texture.
Buffalo Mozzarella:
Buffalo milk is a delightful contradiction in flavours and textures; at once lactic, and acidic but sweet, rich and creamy. As a cheese it is both strong but delicate, salty on the outside and sweet inside. This stretched curd cheese is thick skinned with a tender heart – it is ideal torn over a caprese salad.
Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella:
Buffalo milk is a delightful contradiction in flavours and textures; at once lactic, and acidic but sweet, rich and creamy. This stretched curd cheese is thick skinned with a tender heart and it is gently smoked with natural wood chips – lending it a delicious smoky, salty and acidic flavour.
Scamorza (Wood Smoked Mozzarella):
A stretched curd, cows’ milk cheese that is gently smoked with natural wood chips – lending it a delicious smoky, salty and acidic flavour. Put it on a pizza, in a piadina with speck, or, as like Mum does, place a slice over your fried egg as it cooks.


King River Gold: 
Australia’s iconic washed rind, winning gold the last 4 years at the Australian Fine Food Awards, King River Gold is a true washed ring. No colours have been added to this gleaming glory, it has a distinctive ‘gritty’ rind from individual handwashing of every cheese, every week, in brine to allow the brevi bacterium linens to shine. It exhibits a subtle expression of the washed rind earthy, smoky and savoury flavours.
Milawa Tomme: 
We had to bring back our roving Milawa Tomme from last year, a great sized wheel for us to hold in hand while roving the festival. It is made in a 2kg barrel shape with a natural rind and is allowed to mature for up to 12 months, this batch is currently about 4 months old. It has great depth of flavour, sweet and savoury with upfront saltiness that dissipates at the back palate, this cheese loves beer, and a salumi plate!
Milawa Blue:
Inspired by Gorgonzola Dolce, this is the cheese that started it all. A mild, creamy, blue cheese that has a well-balanced, rich, buttery flavour, this cheese has been converting non-blue eaters since 1988.
A specialty cheese that is made in very small batches and matured for a minimum of 2 years. This maturation process allows the cheese to develop a mild, yet complex buttery characteristic. It is extremely limited and only available on-site at Milawa Cheese Company.

Shaw River Buffalo
Ammie Baxter Special Reserve: 
Made in Australia with 100% buffalo milk Annie Baxter is a unique cooked curd cheese inspired by traditional pecorino and parmesan techniques with our own special twist. Annie Baxter ‘Special Reserve’ is matured for 4 to 5 months to develop a natural rind creating initial buttery sweet flavours with a slight bitter and herbaceous finish. This cheese reflects the beautiful qualities of fresh Buffalo milk sourced from our own herd in South West Victoria and the rich fertile pastures on which they graze. Named after Annie Baxter who was the first European woman to settle in our region in the 1840’s. Annie lived at the site where our cheese factory now stands on the banks of the Shaw River, she kept a daily journal documenting her experiences as an early pioneer in Australia. She was an accomplished horse woman, creating a name for herself as a strong independent and vivacious woman. She was one of Victoria’s early cheesemakers running a small dairy herd and selling her cheeses at the local market. Recipient of Two Delicious Produce State Awards for Dairy and a Gold Medal Recipient at the International Cheese Awards in the UK.
Shaw River Buffalo Mozzarella: 
Made with 100% Buffalo MIlk our Mozzarella is hand stretched and molded using traditional Italian techniques. Each porcelain white ball is encapsulated in a tight thin skin, the crayfish like texture inside is juicy and moist with filamented layers of curd. A perfect addition to any dish or antipasto platter for its fresh delicate flavour and unique meaty texture.
Shaw River Annie Baxter: 
This award winning semi hard, cooked curd cheese is handcrafted using similar techniques to that of a Pecorino cheese, coupled with the unique qualities of buffalo milk. It is matured for a minimum of twelve months to create the intensity of flavour which dwells on the senses and beckons the indulgence of the taster. Voted Grand Champion Cheese at the ‘Fromage du Monde’ in it’s first year of release, winner of a gold award alongside Parmigiano Reggiano and most recently a Bronze at the International Cheese Awards in the UK, Annie is quickly becoming a favorite among cheese lovers.
Shaw River Lady Julia: 
Drawing on aspects of the cheddar making process and using only pure water buffalo milk ‘Lady Julia’ is matured for a minimum of twelve months during which time it develops a firm but smooth texture. The subtle influence of the buffalo milk makes it creamy white in colour and creates delicate and tantalizing variations in flavour which set this cheese apart from other cheddared cheeses. Recently awarded a Silver Medal in the category of Australia’s best Cheddar – Mature in the International Cheese Awards held in Nantwich UK. Lady J was named to celebrate the mystic island which is situated offshore from the Shaw River estuary. It is Australia’s only offshore volcano.

Yarra Valley Dairy
Cooked cows curd hard cheese made in the style of the alpine cheeses of France. We will be tasting two vastly different ages (12 month and 42 month) to display how the cheese can be eaten at either but how it develops and intensifies.
Black Savourine: 
An ashed semi-mature white mould goats cheese pyramid. Made ina traditional french style. its all cooked cream, almond paste, salty goodness with a slightly intense element coming in with the ash.
Persian Fetta: 
Cow’s milk fetta marinated in olive oil, garlic, thyme, bay leaves and peppercorns. Lusciously creamy, salty, and moreish..
Natural rind goats – small batch:
A small, cheeky, pudgy natural rind goats milk cheese. Matured for just under a month. creamy, ivory-coloured paste – full-flavoured Sweet yet with high citrusy sour notes, textured, edible nutty rind.


Bruny Island Cheese
raw milk c2:
milk: cow type: hard, natural rind, raw milk Raw milk C 2 is the sort of cheese found throughout the mountains of France & northern Italy. A classic cooked curd cheese made in the traditional large wheels. C2 matures for 6-12 months, during which time it develops a sweet aroma & mildly nutty flavour. The rind is wiped every week to encourage the surface bacteria that provide this cheese much of its robust integrity.
milk: cow type: soft, white mould in the central plateau of France there are a number of cheeses that are all named after the local Saints. Like our Saint, they are all surface ripened, soft oozy cheeses with a light bloom on the rind – not a thick carpet of single strain white mould found on more commercial cheeses. This cheese can be eaten younger, when the inside is still firm and the flavour more delicate, or wait until the curd breaks down completely and the flavour gets more pungent.
milk: cow type: soft, washed rind on Huon pine It was the year the French first set foot on Tasmanian soil and this very French, very pungent little cheese, matured on aromatic Huon Pine boards, celebrates what could have been. It is made in the traditional method – its pinky-orange rind the result of being regularly hand-washed in brine, encouraging the surface bacteria that give this cheese its complex flavour and aroma.
milk: cow type: soft, pinot washed in vine leaves OEN (from the word oenology) is a true labour of love; a washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese, washed in Pinot Noir before being wrapped in vine leaves to be carefully matured. The vine leaves protect the cheese and create a moist surface which encourages the flavour development. When mature, OEN’s rind becomes pungent and the texture becomes soft and fudgey.

Coal River Farm
Triple Cream Brie:
A creamy, smooth, indulgent cheese highlighting the outstanding milk quality Tasmania provides.
Coal River Blue:
Creamy, medium strength Gorgonzola based blue cheese hand made and matured 12 weeks.
Washed Rind Camembert: 
Earthy mild washed rind Camembert with mushroom notes.
A complex cheese with a semi hard elastic texture. A smooth cheese with notes of a nutty aftertaste.

Based on a French crottin style of cheese. It’s a lactic Geotrichum cylinder. Some are ashed. Some are white.
Sapphire Blue:
Based on a Roquefort. The cheese is a rich, pocketed blue with intense length and complexity.
Old Man:
Semi hard washed rind cheese. The only cheese produced in Australia using Cardoon Thistle rennet. Old Man is reminiscent of classic Savoie style mountain cheeses with a funky Tallegio like rind. A limited number of ‘Smoked Old Man’ will be made especially for MOULD, smoked over Hartshorn Distillery spent oak chips from their American Oaked Vodka.
The Gin Herbalist:
A lactic style cheese initially rolled out for the Inaugural Mould of 2017. Rolled in spent Gin botanicals from our distillery, it is a cheese that is the quintessential indicator of our passion for ‘up cycling’.

The Tasmanian Food Co. (Pyengana Dairy and Robur Farm Dairy)
Pyengana Dairy traditonal cloth matured cheddar: 
130 years of cheese making in the Pyengana Valley, our cloth matured cheddar is made in heritage vats, using traditional methods handed down through the generations. Awarded delicious Magazine’s Producer Award and Hobart Fine Food Awards’ Champion Dairy in 2017, this cheddar is proudly recognised as one of Australia’s most outstanding cheddars. Matured for at least 12 months.
Pyengana Dairy Reserve Vintage: 
As above but matured for 18 months.
Robur Farm Dairy Marinated Fetta: 
Robur Farm Dairy’s single goat herd is located in Tasmania’s North West, with access to fresh clover grass every day, ensuring naturally sweet and mild flavoured milk is used to produce this moorish marinated fetta. The perfect addition to a gourmet platter or salad.
Robur Farm Dairy Spreadable Chevre: 
Robur Farm Dairy’s single goat herd is located in Tasmania’s North West, with access to fresh clover grass every day, ensuring naturally sweet and mild flavoured milk is used to produce this spreadable chevre, available in plain, herb and garlic, caramelised onion, wasabi or jalapeno. Ideal accompaniment on a gourmet platter as a dip or spread, or try as a layer on a burger or bagel.

Fino Foods

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As a wholesale distributor, Fino’s main game is cheese and if it’s not delicious, they’re not interested. It’s that simple. Fino only stock products that blow minds, so you can rely on hand-selected foods that taste incredible every single time. They’re not swayed by looks, or brands, or a hefty price tag.  If it doesn’t knock their socks off, you won’t see it from them.

On The Side came about because Fino were sick of seeing sugary, preservative-packed accompaniments that were not elevating the cheese eating experience. They’re first and foremost cheese lovers and are passionate about creating food moments. They are dedicated to sourcing quality ingredients to create our unique product range.


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With three MOULD sessions in Melbourne, competition for the People’s Choice was tougher than ever before. With thirteen hours total of tasting… the crown could have been anyone’s!

As it turns out, there was one clear winner. And that was…. drumroll please… MILAWA CHEESE!

Victoria’s own Milawa Cheese was voted the best at each of the three sessions, making them also the overall winner for 2018. Well done, team!

Below are the top three results for each session.


  1. Milawa Cheese Co.
  2. Tolpuddle
  3. Boatshed Cheese


  1. Milawa Cheese Co.
  2. Section 28
  3. Coal River


  1. Milawa Cheese
  2. Shaw River Buffalo
  3. Section 28

Melbourne Cheese Chats 2018

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We want you to get the most out of your MOULD experience, so in 2018, we’re offering masterclasses for FREE! Led by Nick Haddow from Bruny Island Cheese Co. with guest cheesemakers as co-hosts, three informal “cheese chats” will run at various times throughout the sessions.

Each session is FREE but spots are still limited, so will be capped at two spots per transaction. Reserve your place by booking via the below link. You also must have a MOULD GA ticket, corresponding to the cheese chat session, to be eligible.

This cheese chat focuses on cheese made with “raw” (or unpasteurised) milk. For this session, Haddow will be joined by Kym Masters from Adelaide’s Section28, to take you through a tasting of several raw milk cheeses paired with different beers and wines.

Haddow will be joined by Shaw River Buffalo’s Thea Royal to discuss cheese and beer matching. Bruny Island Cheese Co.’s Metric Tomme and Fresh Hop Washed Rind cheeses will be paired with two Bruny Island Beer Co. beers, and Shaw River’s award-winning Annie Baxter Special Reserve will stand up against brews from La Sirene.

Pyengana Dairy’s Dave Bennett will pair his cheddar with Starward’s Solera whisky, and Paul Wilson from Nimbin Valley Dairy will match his Saint Billie to Staward’s wine cask whisky in this whisky and cheese pairing session. Discover for yourself what makes this combination so special.

Session times:
Friday 4th May: 6pm Beer and Cheese; 7pm Whisky and Cheese
Saturday 5th May AM: 12pm Raw Milk; 2pm Beer and Cheese
Saturday 5th May PM: 6pm Raw Milk; 7.30pm Whisky and Cheese



Your 2018 food menu, Melbourne!

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You probably could live on cheese alone, but where’s the fun in that? To complement the cheesy offering (and soak up all that delicious booze) may we present your food menu, Melbourne!

Maker & Monger

Fondue grilled cheese toastie: gruyere, comte, shallots, garlic, wine ($11)
Fondue grilled cheese toastie special: fondue with Gary’s free range Berkshire ham off the bone & Dijon mustard ($13)
Flaming Reuben: Q Le Baker rye bread, seeded mustard, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, Robbin’s Island wagyu brisket pastrami & cheese ($13)

Harper & Blohm

Heidi Farm Raclette served on steamed Jones Potatoes with cornichons (GF) ($12)
The Classic grilled cheese toastie: Pyengana Cheddar, Heidi Farm Gruyere, Section 28 Raclette with caramelised onion ($12)
The Blue grilled cheese toastie: Milawa Blue, pear, rocket & walnuts ($12)
Welsh Rarebit & Leek: Pyengana Cheddar with Grand Ridge Stout, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, cayenne pepper & leeks ($12)

Burn City Smokers

Smoked Cheese Kranksy Hotdog – bbq sauce, jalapeños, cheese kransky, mustard and aged cheddar
Beef Brisket Cheese Burger – 14 hr smoked beef brisket, bbq sauce, mustard, pickles and jack cheese.
Smoked Mushroom Burger – smoked portobello mushrooms, bbq sauce, salsa verde, slaw and shaved pecorino.

Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Fondue $15
Fondue with shaved black truffles $25

48h Pizza and Gnocchi Bar

Gnocchi trevigiano w Gorgonzola blue cheese, radicchio and Vincotto $15
Gnocchi Napoli w tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese $12

Cannoleria by That’s Amore

Sicilian Cannoli: sweet ricotta, cinnamon and pistachio crumb ($5)
Chocolate Cannoli: chocolate ricotta and chocolate chips ($5)
Blue Cheese and Figs: blue cheese ricotta and caramelised figs ($5)

Fino Foods

Peppered fig paste
Baby pickled figs
Peach & muscatel chutney
Baby cornichons
Dried red & green apple
Dried pear
Seedless muscatels

Mt Zero

Fried spiced olives stuffed with curd $9
Warm olives with mandarin & fennel $5
Sandwich pressed falafel with tahini $9


Your 2018 drinks list, Melbourne!

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Cheese and wine is a popular pairing, but it doesn’t always work. Except for at MOULD. We’ve curated a drinks offering specially designed to pair well with cheese. Wine importer Campbell Burton has selected the wines – except for the rosé which was made just for the festival. We’ve got the best beer and cider producers in the state. Shaun Byrne from Maidenii is running a standalone vermouth bar, Starward is bringing a range of whiskies, and Hartshorn Distillery will have its sheep’s whey gin and vodka.

There may even be some more surprises on the day.


2013 Sylvain Martinez ‘Gazouillis’ Chenin Blanc, Anjou
2015 Bodega Cueva Macabeo, Valencia
2012 Verge Bulle a Zero, Macon
2007 Carriel dels Vilars ‘Rosat Escumos’, Penedes

2017 Manon Forest ‘High Paradise’, Savagnin Chardonay Garganega, Adelaide Hills
2017 Borachio ‘Gold Tooth’ Savagnin Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills
2014 Jerome Guichard ‘Vin d’Montbled’, Chardonnay, Macon
2015 Gregory White ‘White is Blanc’ Grenache Blanc Terret Bourret, Languedoc
2014 Jerome Lambert ‘Melodie en Sous Sol’ Chenin Blanc, Anjou

2013 Verge Balaise Oxidative

Valentine Wines GSM Rosé

2017 Sam Vinciullo ‘Red / White’ Merlot Semillon
2017 Sam Vinciullo ‘Red’ Merlot Cabernet
2016 Tomas Torres ‘Jove’ Tempranillo Syrah
2016 Bodega Cueva ‘Vi-Viu’ Syrah
2009 Carriel dels Vilars Negre
2015 Schnabel Blaufrankisch vom Sausal, Styria


Regal Rogue
Causes & Cures
Adelaide Hills

Beer and Cider

La Sirène Brewing
Sample Brew
Bruny Island Beer Co.
Napoleone Cider
2016 Yahou Fatal ‘C.N.T’, Auvergne Cider
2012 Le Pelut ‘Babiole’, Rousillon Cider


STARWARD Distillery – whisky
Hartshorn Distillery – sheep’s whey gin and vodka