You probably could live on cheese alone, but where’s the fun in that? To complement the cheesy offering (and soak up all that delicious booze) may we present your food menu, Melbourne!

Maker & Monger

Fondue grilled cheese toastie: gruyere, comte, shallots, garlic, wine ($11)
Fondue grilled cheese toastie special: fondue with Gary’s free range Berkshire ham off the bone & Dijon mustard ($13)
Flaming Reuben: Q Le Baker rye bread, seeded mustard, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, Robbin’s Island wagyu brisket pastrami & cheese ($13)

Harper & Blohm

Heidi Farm Raclette served on steamed Jones Potatoes with cornichons (GF) ($12)
The Classic grilled cheese toastie: Pyengana Cheddar, Heidi Farm Gruyere, Section 28 Raclette with caramelised onion ($12)
The Blue grilled cheese toastie: Milawa Blue, pear, rocket & walnuts ($12)
Welsh Rarebit & Leek: Pyengana Cheddar with Grand Ridge Stout, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, cayenne pepper & leeks ($12)

Burn City Smokers

Smoked Cheese Kranksy Hotdog – bbq sauce, jalapeños, cheese kransky, mustard and aged cheddar
Beef Brisket Cheese Burger – 14 hr smoked beef brisket, bbq sauce, mustard, pickles and jack cheese.
Smoked Mushroom Burger – smoked portobello mushrooms, bbq sauce, salsa verde, slaw and shaved pecorino.

Bruny Island Cheese Co.

Fondue $15
Fondue with shaved black truffles $25

48h Pizza and Gnocchi Bar

Gnocchi trevigiano w Gorgonzola blue cheese, radicchio and Vincotto $15
Gnocchi Napoli w tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese $12

Cannoleria by That’s Amore

Sicilian Cannoli: sweet ricotta, cinnamon and pistachio crumb ($5)
Chocolate Cannoli: chocolate ricotta and chocolate chips ($5)
Blue Cheese and Figs: blue cheese ricotta and caramelised figs ($5)

Fino Foods

Peppered fig paste
Baby pickled figs
Peach & muscatel chutney
Baby cornichons
Dried red & green apple
Dried pear
Seedless muscatels

Mt Zero

Fried spiced olives stuffed with curd $9
Warm olives with mandarin & fennel $5
Sandwich pressed falafel with tahini $9


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