This month at mould, we wanted to create a winter cheese selection with a twist! Featuring an exclusive baked cheese recipe to elevate your winter meal cheese adventures.  La Tartiflette is a traditional French baked cheese recipe... to have a look at the recipe, check it out here
Utilising the L'Artisan 'Mountain Man' washed rind cheese, this mild,  cow's milk cheese, carefully crafted by L'Artisan French cheesemaker Matthieu Mégard in South-West Victoria, captures the essence of his idyllic childhood in the French Alps. Similar in style to the renowned Reblochon cheese, Mountain Man adds its own unique touch to this dish.  


 L'Artisan  - Mortlake (Giraiwurung), VIC

'Mountain Man' - Washed rind, cow

L'artisan, founded by third-generation French cheesemaker Matthieu Mergard, proudly celebrates the terroir of the Great Ocean Road. With milk sourced from three local organic farms, each cheese embodies the essence of the region. Combining French expertise with Australian agriculture, L'artisan crafts a range of exquisite French-style cheeses that rival their counterparts in France, while offering a distinct Australian twist.


Traits: Based on the french classic cheese Reblochon, Mountain Man is perfect for cooking or on a cheese board 
Taste: Slightly pungent, yet with a round and complex taste, and a sweet milk finish.
Serving suggestion: baked in a Tartiflette 
Try with: Dry white wine or farmhouse cider   


Berry's Creek Cheese- Fish Creek (Boonwurrung), VIC 

'Tarwin Blue' - Blue, cow

Australian blue cheese enthusiasts are well acquainted with the legendary figure of Barry Charlton, known as The King of Blue, whose expertise in handcrafted cheese spans several decades. With an impressive track record and a commitment to unwavering quality, Barry has become synonymous with excellence in the industry. Situated in the picturesque region of South Gippsland, Tarwin Blue derives its name from the nearby Tarwin River. Since 2007, Barry, along with his partner Cheryl Hull and their dedicated team, have been crafting exceptional award winning cheeses that embody their passion and expertise.

Traits: Firmer style blue with dark blue veins, a benchmark blue  
Taste: Perfectly balanced spicy blue, a creamy texture and salty tang.
Serving suggestion: enjoy on fruit bread or add to a broccoli soup 
Try with: Dark beers or dessert wines

 Nimbin Valley Dairy - Nimbin (Bundjalung), NSW

'Truffle Cow' - White Mould



With a rich heritage as fifth-generation dairy farmers, the experts behind Nimbin Valley Dairy possess invaluable knowledge in crafting exceptional cheese. Nestled in the scenic west hills of Byron Bay, their cheese-making approach draws inspiration from the time-honored traditions of Europe. Their commitment to sustainable practices shines through as they employ regenerative farming techniques. Nimbin Valley Dairy exemplifies a harmonious blend of artisanal cheese craftsmanship and environmentally conscious farming.

Traits: crafted from cow milk with the addition of cream, complemented by a layer of decadent WA truffle paste.
Taste: Decadent and buttery, with a distinctive truffle aroma. 
Serving suggestion: keep it simple and let the cheese do the talking 
Try with: a glass of sparkling wine or Chardonnay


Pyengana Dairy- Pyengana (Pyemmairrener), TAS

'Traditional Cloth Cheddar', Cow 


 Located on the East Coast of Tasmania, Pyengana Dairy  stands as one of Australia's pioneering farmhouse cheese producers. With a legacy spanning 130 years, they expertly blend traditional cheese-making techniques with innovative approaches to craft exceptional dairy products. Their signature cheese, a traditional clothbound cheddar, has set a benchmark in the Australian cheese scene, consistently garnering accolades and winning multiple awards at renowned cheddar competitions across the country.

Traits: Aged for 12 months, this classic clothbound cheddar develops delightful crunchy crystals and exhibits a crumbly texture that adds to its unique character
Taste: full-bodied flavour with a slightly nutty sweetness, sharp tang, hints of fruitiness, and a subtle earthiness.
Serving Suggestions: With some Peach & Muscatel Chutney from our friends at On The Side 

Try with: A Tasmanian Pinot Noir or farmhouse cider


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