It’s not just cheese that Bruny Island is known for. Nick Haddow of Bruny Island Cheese Co. also runs a beer business, with brewer Evan Hunter (formerly of Tasmanian stalwarts Seven Sheds, Moo Brew and Lark Distillery). Learn a bit about Bruny Island Beer Co. below.

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Bruny Island Beer Co. started with a conversation between a cheesemaker and a brewer. Nick Haddow and Evan Hunter designed the brewery around a shared enthusiasm for fermentation and regionally distinctive, artisan produce. The brewery was built behind the cheesery in Great Bay, Bruny Island and our first beer was released in February 2016.

The unique brewhouse has been built to Evan’s specifications using recycled dairy equipment sourced from local farms. While we maximise the quality and consistency of our products with a mix of old and modern technology, we practise a simple approach to brewing – one that harks back to older methods of making and maturing beer. We brew slow beer in small batches, and lift, tip and stir everything by hand, knowing that quality is only attainable through determination and hard work.

Try it at Mould Cheese Festival.

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