BOX #011

We’re really milking it now, this month we have chosen cheeses that aren’t afraid to play with milk types. You’ll enjoy aged sheep and cow cheeses (including a major award winner from Pecora!) plus two new kids on the block, a goat and a cow brie, have some fun, and see how they compare!


Pecora Dairy – Yarrawa
Robertson, NSW
Milk: sheep
Type: semi-hard, raw milk
The love and care that Pecora’s Michael and Cressida farm with makes it clear that holistic farming isn’t just a philosophy, it’s a way of life. This care is translated perfectly into the award-winning Yarrawa. With a dense natural rind and pearl interior, this cheese is matured over three months, surrounded by a unique micro-flora. Enjoy an earthy sweetness with a concentrated yet clean finish. The Yarrawa is the perfect representation of the essence of Pecora and we love it!


Bream Creek Dairy – Truffle Brie
Bream Creek, TAS
Milk: cow
Type: white mould
Truffle! Yes, you heard correctly! Truffle and cheese is a combination that will get any cheese lover excited. Bream Creek Dairy’s Truffle Brie is one of the very best. Made using milk from their own herd, this lusciously creamy brie is sure to impress. From the South-East coast of Tasmania, the Bignell Family has carefully nurtured their 800 strong herd of Friesian cows to produce top-quality cheese.



Hunter Belle – Ol Smokey
Hunter Valley, NSW
Milk: cow
Type: semi-hard
Cheddar but with a twist. Ol Smokey offers the creamy delicate texture of the sharp cheddar but with, you guessed it, a smokey finish. The team at Hunter Belle Dairy uses applewood bark to cold smoke the cheddar after maturing for a minimum of 24 months. They are the only cheese producer in Australia to exclusively use milk from Brown Swiss cows, traditionally bred for cheesemaking in the Swiss Alps.


Woodside Cheese Wrights – Capricorn
Adelaide Hills, SA
Milk: goat
Typewhite mould
A true artisan outfit, Woodside Cheese Wrights handcrafts their range in the picturesque Adelaide Hills sourcing milk directly from local dairies. Using the very freshest goat’s milk this brie is vibrant white in colour with a fine texture. When young it can be firm and mild however once fully ripe its oozy interior is deliciously creamy with a clean finish.


(v)= vegetarian rennet
(r) = raw milk cheese

Box #010 (Febuary): Tri-colour fun

Section28 –  Adelaide Hills, SA
La primavera – cow’ milk, semi-hard

Grandvewe – Birches Bay, TAS
Drunken Admiral – sheep’s milk, semi-hard

Yarra Valley Dairy – Yarra Valley, VIC
Ashed Pyramid – goat’ milk, soft

Milawa Cheese – Milawa, VIC
Camembert – cow’s milk, white mould

Box #009 (January): Fresh for Summer

Shaw River –  Yambuk, VIC
Mozzarella – soft, buffalo milk, in brine

Tongola –  Copping, TAS
Curdy – soft, fresh curd, goat’s milk

Tolpuddle Farm Foods –  Tarrawingee, VIC
Alpine Sunset – soft, marinated, goat’s milk

Pecora Dairy –  Robertson, NSW
Bloomy – soft, sheep’s milk


Box #008 (December): Platter Pack

Stone & Crow –  Yarra Valley, VIC
Cider Galactic – cows milk, soft, washed in local cider

Milawa – Milawa, VIC
King Rive Gold – cows milk, soft, washed rind

Prom Country – Moyarra, VIC
Cheviot – sheeps milk, semi-hard

Red Cow Organics – Oldina, TAS
Ashed Brie – cows milk, soft

Box #007 (November): Picnic Pack

The Pines –  Kiama, NSW
Marilla – cows milk, soft, washed rind

Pyengana Dairy – Pyengana, TAS
Cloth Matured Cheddar – cows milk, hard

Robe Dairy – Robe, SA
Nora Creina – cows milk, soft

Marrook Farm – Mid-North Coast, NSW
Mountain Cheese – cows milk, semi-hard