BOX #013

This month is all about sharing the cheese… we mean love. Bring the family and friends together and enjoy a truly epic cheese plate. It is also a great opportunity to show mum you love her with cheese! Here’s to all the Brie-lient kinds of mothers!


Section 28 ‘Monte Divaolo’
Adelaide Hills, SA
Milk: cow
Type: semi hard

Section 28 is inspired by the classic traditions of European cheesemakers yet their home is unapologetically Adelaide Hills. A Grand Dairy Award Champion this cheese is lightly washed over 90 days and studded with fresh native pepper berries. Ivory coloured interior with a supple texture and made seasonally. Leaving a distinctive savory flavour after a sweet beginning taking your taste buds on a journey. Think pepper, smokey and herbal in all one.


Prom Country Cheese ‘Venus Blue’
Moyarra, VIC
Milk: sheep
Type: blue cheese
Made with fresh sheep’s milk, matured for 5 months creating a finely marbled blue interior. No wonder we have another award winner here. Delicate. Smooth. Creamy. What’s not to like? With a lush, slightly caramel finish. The fresh milk really shines here. Prom country is a small family-run farm in the lush hills of South Gippsland where sustainable and regenerative practices are at the core of their farming. Bron and Burke are involved in the entire cheesemaking process. From growing the pastures to breeding and milking, there isn’t a blade of grass on their farm they haven’t nurtured.



Robe Dairy ‘Guichen Bay Camembert ‘
Robe, SA
Milk: cow
Type: white mould
This limited edition cheese is not your typical camembert but rather a nod to old french traditions. The natural grey rind owes its colour to heirloom cultures. Boasting beautiful fresh Jersey milk. Oh so creamy with fresh mushroom notes. Julie and Dave Hinchliffe were ready for a lifestyle change when they settled in Robe nine years ago. Their dairy is a little family-owned farm situated on the limestone coast of South Australia, a place that they have completely fallen in love with


Shaw River ‘Buffalino’
Yambuk, VIC
Milk: buffalo
Typesemi hard
Matured for a minimum of 6 months to develop a clear white colour and smooth texture. Buffalo milk offers an incredibly clean finish and a unique fruity flavour. From alpacas to fishing, the Haldane family are pioneers in Australian agriculture, so it wasn’t a stretch (no pun intended) when they imported the first milking buffalo from Italy and Bulgaria, kick-starting the industry here in the mid-1990sa.


(v)= vegetarian rennet
(r) = raw milk cheese

Box #012 (April): The Australian cheesescape.

Robur Farm Dairy –  Pyengana, TAS
Marinated Goat Milk Cheese – goat’s milk, soft

Milawa Cheese Co – Milawa, VIC
Milawa Blue – cow’s milk, blue cheese

The Pine Kiama – Kiama, NSW
Pearl – cow’s milk, semi-hard

Kris Lloyd Artisan – Adelaide Hills, SA
Bush Buff – buffalo milk, soft

Box #011 (March): Milking It

Pecora –  Robertson, NSW
Yarrawa – sheep’s milk, semi-hard

Bream Creek Dairy – Bream Creek, TAS
Truffle Brie – cow’s milk, wash rind

Hunterbelle – Hunter Valley, NSW
Ol Smokey – cow’s milk, semi-hard

Woodside Cheese Wrights – Adelaide Hills, SA
Capricon Brie – goat’s milk, white mould

Box #010 (Febuary): Tri-colour fun

Section28 –  Adelaide Hills, SA
La primavera – cow’ milk, semi-hard

Grandvewe – Birches Bay, TAS
Drunken Admiral – sheep’s milk, semi-hard

Yarra Valley Dairy – Yarra Valley, VIC
Ashed Pyramid – goat’ milk, soft

Milawa Cheese – Milawa, VIC
Camembert – cow’s milk, white mould

Box #009 (January): Fresh for Summer

Shaw River –  Yambuk, VIC
Mozzarella – soft, buffalo milk, in brine

Tongola –  Copping, TAS
Curdy – soft, fresh curd, goat’s milk

Tolpuddle Farm Foods –  Tarrawingee, VIC
Alpine Sunset – soft, marinated, goat’s milk

Pecora Dairy –  Robertson, NSW
Bloomy – soft, sheep’s milk