OMG. This is FINALLY happening Melbourne.
Fourth times a charm as we celebrate all things cheese this weekend!


If you were looking for an excuse to eat more cheese, then a ticket to Mould: A Cheese festival is a great start.

From Victoria, to Tasmania, South Australia, NSW and beyond, the country’s best cheese makers are ready to share their bounty of hand made fromage. You’ll find an eclectic mix of beverage producer stands too, all of which match damn well with cheese. 

Mould isn’t only about tasting as much cheese as possible, we’re also here to hear from the producers about the stories and their farms as we appreciate the hard work that it takes to create this creamy-deliciousness. So be sure to check out some of the cheese chats throughout the sessions. 

Below is all the things outside of cheese that you’ll be able to check out on the day.


To help you keep your cheesy purchases fresh, Dairy Australia is giving away free cooler bags when you purchase cheese! Hands full? There’s no need to carry your cooler bag around the festival with you when you take advantage of our Cheese Check facilities. It is just like a coat check, but refrigerated to preserve your “purcheeses”!
Proudly sponsored by Dairy Australia.


These intimate and casual 30 minute conversations, are your opportunity to hear from the makers, growers, farmers and families who just happen to make the best cheese in Australia. Hosted by MOULD Festival Co-Founder, Dan Sims, these will be a greta whey (ahem) to hear the inside word from the makers themselves. 

The best part about these chats? They’re FREE!! These will be popular, and socially distanced seating, so make sure you book (you’ll get access codes via email!). And yes, there is also standing room.

Or, if you’re really about getting your CURD NERD on, check out all the episodes of our MOULD CHEESE PODCAST, available where all good podcasts are found.

PLEASE NOTE: The Cheese Chat area is in the ‘Packing Rooms’ immediately to your left when you walk through the breeze way towards the Mercator Lawn. 

  • 6.00pm: Cameron Rowan, Milawa Cheese
  • 7.00pm: Jack Holman, Stone & Crow
  • 12pm: Shaun Landman, Boat Shed Cheese (Vic)
  • 1pm: Alison Lansley, Long Paddock Cheese (Vic)
  • 5pm: Jack Holman, Stone & Crow (Vic)
  • 6pm: Sarah Ajzner, Dreaming Goat (Vic)
  • 12.30pm: Ivan Larcher, Long Paddock (Vic)
  • 1.30pm: Claire Bansagi, Yarra Valley Dairy (Vic)

When it comes to cheese tasting, what you are drinking is as important as what you’re eating. Thank goodness the room is filled with cheese-friendly beverages from Moondarra Wines, Curatif Cocktails and Brick Lane Brewing. 


For those familiar with our sister event, PINOT PALOOZA, you would be well familiar with the wines from Moondarra and wine maker Neil Prentice. He always brings the fun which is why we invited him to MOULD.
Awesome Pinot Noir aside, he also does super fun Pet Nat, whites and other fun things.

What else can we say expect it’s all bloody delicious!


Hartshorn Distillery is THE Tasmanian micro distillery making boutique batches of Vodka and Gin from sheep’s whey from our favourite Grandvewe Cheese. They are the first in the world to create this incredible style of vodka and have been huge crowd favourites at MOULD cheese event.

They even won Champion Vodka of Australia at the World Vodka Awards 2017 in London.

Oh, and they make a mighty fine cocktail!

  • Martini (Gin or vodka or smoked Peat) Fresh rose petal garnish – $15
  • Gin/Vodka and Soda/Tonic (fresh rose petal garnish)- $10
  • Hibiscus Sour (Layered Hybiscus tea and lemon juice with our vodka) (Fresh rose petal garnish) – $15
  • Sheep Whey Vodka – $90
  • Sheep Whey Gin – $100
  • Sheep Whey Peat – $100
  • Vanilla Whey liqueur – $40

Like brick laneways around the world, Brick Lane Brewery brings communities together through inclusivity and diversity, sustainability and innovation.

Fiercely independent, Brick Lane is at the forefront of craft brewing, having created a community where lovers and makers of great beers can unite, from a state-of-the-art brewery designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind, with a range of Australian firsts using world-leading technologies and equipment.

Their wide range of beers are created for all taste profiles and occasions, spanning from the every day refreshment to the super special limited releases. Our beers are designed to welcome everyone in without judgement. They brew beer which is and fun to make and fun to drink.

Everyone is welcome at Brick Lane Brewing Community.


Umm, cocktail in a single serve can??? They had us at Mai Tai.
We’re big fans of Curatif and they’re amazing single serve cocktails that are ready to go with simple can shake.
Cos after all that cheese, we’re going to need a little cocktail something!

  • Jacoby’s Mai Tai $16
  • Pineapple Daiquiri $16
  • Hurricane $16
  • Margarita $16

We hate to admit it but one cannot live off cheese alone. Make your way over to CHARRED for a bite off their menu.


Cheung fun (Rolled rice noodles) – 8
Peanut butter hoisin, parsley, crispy wonton

Grilled calamari – 12
Cucumber, ginger tosazu

Yellow curry fish balls – 6


BRISKET SANDWICH 12 hour Smoked Beef Brisket on a brioche roll with house
made barbecue sauce and slaw with a side of pickles and crisps 18

PORK SANDWICH 12 hour Smoked chopped Pork Shoulder on a brioche roll with house
made Carolina sauce and slaw with a side of pickles and crisps 18

SMOKED CHEESEBURGER 100% Beef Burger smoked w/ American cheese, pickles, house
made BBQ sauce, American Mustard on a brioche roll w/ crisps 15

VEGGIE BURGER Garden Veggie & Lentil pattie with house made slaw, basil pesto
mayo & vegan mayo on a brioche roll w/ crisps 15 (V)



So, we did a thing. We’ve put together this little publication all about Australian Cheese. And the best bit is its yours free!

Inside you’ll see a comprehensive list of Aussie cheese makers, how to care for your cheese, sake and cheese matching, reconnecting to the land and more.

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