They’ve won awards for their cheese AND their vodka – we’re sure not many cheesemakers could say that! Get to know the force behind Grandvewe Cheese here.

Tell us your story!
We are the most awarded sheep cheesery in Australia and have invented five new foods never seen before in the world. We are a farmhouse cheesery which means Grandvewe exemplifies the farm-to-fork experience. We have won the highest awards for any sheep cheesery in Australia: Our blue cheese won Champion Cheese against 360 other cheeses of Australia. We then also placed in the top six of 6000 fine food producers of Australia.

Our ethos is to reduce waste and we do that by utilising all aspects of cheese making. All of our whey is fermented into alcohol and distilled into vodka and gin which recently won Best Australian Vodka at the World Vodka Awards in 2017.

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
* Our Sapphire Blue won Champion Cheese at the Sydney Royal show, scoring higher than 360 other Australian cheeses.
* We try to make unusual and rare styles never seen before in Australia
* We are the entire production: we grow the grass, milk the sheep, make the cheese, sell the cheese.

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
Our cheeses are EWEnique!

Hard or Soft?

Best cheese and booze match ever?
Our blue cheese with our whey liqueur, or our White Pearl with our Australian native Sheep Whey Gin.

Funniest cheese making experience?
Constantly getting distracted doing other things while out water jacket floods the factory. Also, one of our sheep once escaped its paddock and walked itself into our cellar door tasting area.

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