Welcome to the first-ever edition of MOULD – The Magazine! We sincerely believe that this publication reflects our commitment to sharing and exploring the stories and wisdom of some of the amazing cheese producers and personalities that we’ve been lucky enough to work with over the last two years.

The following pages capture a snapshot of a moment in time – Australian cheese in 2019: where we are, who’s involved and where we’re going. Ultimately, we hope that this magazine (and MOULD – A Cheese Festival as a whole) can serve as a blueprint of what a homegrown Australian cheese industry can be.

This magazine and MOULD – A Cheese Festival are a testament to what happens when people hang up their preconceptions and come together with open minds to share their passion and explore new things. From vegan cheese to whisky and sake to gut microflora; there’s more than enough sandwiched between these pages to keep you arguing with your mates in front bars, cafes and long car trips for at least the next twelve months. So thanks for coming and thanks for being a part of the MOULD journey. We hope this is the first of many more to come.

DAN SIMS – CEO / Founder of REVEL & Mould
NICK HADDOW – Founder Bruny Island Cheese