Meredith Dairy in Meredith, Victoria, is an on-farm enterprise, milking sheep and goats all year round to make specialty cheeses and yoghurts that are sold throughout Australia and exported around the world.

Up until 1990, farming at Meredith focused on beef, prime lamb and wool production. In the 1990s, the reserve price for wool was discontinued and the wool industry collapsed. Alternative farming systems were needed to stay viable, irrespective of global commodity pricing. Owners Sandy and Julie Cameron researched sheep and goat milk production and cheesemaking along with animal husbandry and within two years a factory was built on the farm.

Sandy (a qualified veterinarian who received his doctorate in philosophy in 1985) started milking his sheep and started a breeding program to increase milk production in the herd. Julie Cameron quit her nursing job, bought a book on cheesemaking and started making speciality cheese and natural yoghurt. All they really wanted to do was to be farmers.

Almost 30 years later, the business is still in the family and has pivoted to mainly goat’s cheese (they have a herd of 12,000 goats). They still have a herd of about 3,500 sheep, and make natural sheep’s milk yoghurt.

Sandy and Julie make sure they have time for “farming leisure”, but they both have important responsibilities in the daily running of the business. Sandy manages much of the daily operations on the farm and in the factory.  Julie is the brand gate keeper of Meredith Dairy, and she drives a lot of innovation and sustainability throughout the business.

Soft goat’s cheeses and pot-set yoghurts are made on the farm from the freshest milk, produced according to leading standards of environment management and animal husbandry. The “golden jar”, marinated goat’s cheese, is what they are best known for.

Meredith Dairy
106 Cameron Rd, Meredith VIC
03 5286 2000

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