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The MOULD Cheese Collective is not just an awesome club giving you access to some of the best cheese in the country, it’s where you’ll get to meet a passionate community of like-minded makers, growers, farmers and families who happen to make the best cheese in Australia.

So give it up for BOX #002 which showcases Bruny Island Cheese Co, Stone & Crow, Prom Country Cheese and Hunter Belle. 

Below is some more information about al of them as well as links to articles, videos, podcasts and more.
We want you to not only get to know the cheese, but the people and stories behind it so grab a glass, some cheese, and enjoy!


TOM (cows milk, hard)
Tom is inspired by the mountainous cheese made in the French Savoie region, this is one of those cheese you could eat day in, day out. Cows milk, hard with a natural grey rind, fresh and creamy, this is an all round classic.
Cheesemaker Nick Haddow says, and we quote, ‘He gets along famously with everyone. Tom likes being rubbed’ …
Blessed are the cheesemakers indeed. *ahem*

STONE & CROW “Joe Crow”, Yarra Valley (Victoria)

Stone & Crow may have started as a side hustle for cheesemaker Jack Holman (formerly of Yarra Valley Dairy), but it has fast become a full time gig and we are all the beneficiaries as a result. Jack is a quiet achiever. Forever thinking on how to better his craft, he’s a head down and get it done right kinda bloke. As we recon he’s on track to be a cheese making super star. This is one delicious semi-hard cheese, perfect on its own or, as recommended by Jack, toasted on stick over a camp fire. We’re not even kidding. Remember this name folks!


Venus Blue (Sheeps milk, blue, semi hard)
For our first blue cheese addition we had to make it Prom Country for it has pretty much won any national award you can think of; and we love it. A benchmark in style, it’s made by the delightful Burke & Bronwyn Brandon who cheese making roots run deep. This is their benchmark blue cheese, creamy, subtly powerful and delicious all made from milk from their organic sheep farm in green hills of South Gippsland.
Side note, Bronwyn makes a wickedly good sausage roll just in case you’re lucky enough to grab one at cellar door. Trust us, it’s worth the drive, but don’t mention us, we’ll get in trouble for telling!


Black Magic (Cows milk, brie style)
In Sydney last year, this cheese was voted people’s choice winner so who are we to argue with you? We can, however, confirm that after rigorous tasting (again and again), we’re in wholehearted and loud agreement. This is a triple cream brie with a centre of black, fermented garlic. Once at room temperature (this is a must to ensure gooey action), lather this baby up on some crusty bread and sit back and enjoy over and over again. You literally won’t be able to stop. As we say, we can’t get enough of this one.


Where all good podcasts are found!

Wanna go full curd nerd? Then subscribe to the MOULD Cheesecast (where all good podcasts are found) as we deep dive into the stories behind the makers and families who made the cheese you’re about to receive.

It’s here you’ll find interviews with all the makers in your cheese box. No, it’s not a lecture, but a conversation as we wholeheartedly believe cheese tastes better when you know the story behind it.

You’ll find all the interviews here, or via the links below!

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