The MOULD Cheese Collective is not just a podcast, it’s your chance to connect with a passionate community of like-minded makers, growers, farmers and families who just happen to make the best cheese in Australia.

On this podcast, we’ll introduce you to some of the best cheesemakers we know, from right around Australia.

You’ll get to hear their stories and get an understanding of what really goes into making truly brilliant, delicious cheese.

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#01: NICK HADDOW, Bruny Island Cheese (Tasmania)

Here we chat with not only the co-founder of MOULD A Cheese Festival and Cheese Collective, but cheese maker, author and founder of Bruny Island Cheese in Tasmania, Nick Haddow.

For as long we can remember, Nick has been a champion of great Australian cheese. Our chat was a chance to catch up talk a little more about what drives him, his inspiration and how Bruny Island Cheese Company came to be.

#02: NICOLE GILLVER, Grandvewe (Tasmania)

In this podcast, we get little personal. We discuss why she made the jump from what was a seemingly perfect life in the wine game in Brisbane, to moving to Tasmania and, in her own words, workings harder and longer than she’s ever done before.

What was it about Tasmania, that not only drew her there, but kept her?

#3: Kym Masters, Section 28 (Adelaide Hills, SA)

Travel that is at the core of Kym’s, and the Section 28s, story.

Thanks to a family trip to the humble, and beautiful town, of Monforte d’Alba in the gastronmic paradise of Piedmont, in Italys North West, it sparked the inspiration to create what has become, in our opinion, one of the great cheeses in Australia.

Aptly named, and in tribute, to the town, Monforte.

#4: Ceridwin Brown, Milawa Cheese Co. (Milawa, Vic)

The Brown family’s (and Milawa’s) contribution to Australian cheese cannot be underestimated.

It all started thanks to some encouragement from their good friend (and other cheese legend) Richard Thomas, David and Anne Brown got in there and gave it a crack at the Milawa Butter Factory in 1988.

#5: Jack Holman, Stone & Crow Cheese (Yarra Valley, Vic)

We first met Jack when setting up the MOULD Cheese Festival in 2017 as then, he was the cheese maker at Yarra Valley Dairy in, the Yarra Valley just outside Melbourne in Victoria.

Stone and Crow was at that moment, his side hustle but as we tasted through his cheeses, and the incredible affinage projects and collaborations he was doing, we immediately realised he was creating something special.

#6: Melissa & Donovan Jacka, Tolpuddle Cheese (High Country, Victoria)

To start, and with hand on heart, I have to say I owe a lot to these guys in the context of helping me undertand and … illustrate to me .. what it takes to make truly great Australia cheese.

It came in the form of the best emails I’ve ever received … from anyone!

As for its contents, I explain further into this podcast but I will tell you that it was immediate reminder that great quality, artisan cheese is a labour of absolute love. And something that is not in in-exhaustible supply.

#7: Burke Brandon, Prom Country Cheese (Gippsland, Victoria)

What I loved about talking with Burke is that he is a farmer first and his connection to his land and animals, then to his cheese, is self-evident. And so is his humility.

The phrase ‘humble farmer’ may at times be a throwaway line but I can’t think of a better way to describe him.

There is a humble pride for the cheese he makes and I know you’ll hear what I mean as you listen on … especially for his new ‘secret project’ cheese.

#8: Michael Cains, Pecora Dairy (Robertson, New South Wales)

Today, we hand over the podcast reins to our good friend, writer, communicator and food champion, Hilary McNevin who interviews Michael Cains from Pecora Dairy in Roberston, New South Wales.

Like most farmers, 2020 has throw up many challenges to Michael but again, the word ‘resilience’ comes to mind.

Michael is making some incredible cheese and speaks beautifully about his farm, his animals and just how connected you must be to the land to create incredible, world class cheese. Especially his new raw milk cheese.

#9: Kel & Mahlah Grey, The Pines (Kiama, New South Wales)

Hope, a leap of faith and a strong sense of community are at the core of this interview as I talk with the wonderful humans who are Mahlah and Kel Grey from The Pines in Kiama, New South Wales.

#10: Jo Barrett, Co-Executive Chef, Oakridge Winery (Yarra Valley, Vic)

A chef, baker, cheesemaker, Delicious food judge, publisher and all round brilliant human, there seems there is not much Jo can’t do. Perhaps frustratingly so for us mere mortals.

#11: Olivia Sutton, Harper & Blohm Cheese Shop (Brunswick, Vic)

Blessed, also, are the cheesemongers and today, I get to chat with one of the best; Olivia Sutton from the wonderful cheese shop, Harper and Blohm in Brunswick, Victoria.

#12: Tamara Newing, Boat Shed Cheese (Mornington Peninsula, Vic)

The inspiration to start a business, especially that of cheese, more often than not stems from a passion or a wonderful and memorable experience.

But for Tamara Newing, from Boat Shed cheese in the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, it was born as result of a horrible tragedy.

#13: Andy Jackman, Red Cow Organics (Olinda, Tasmania)

Moving house really does suck. So imagine for a moment, the challenges of not just moving your entire farm but an entire herd of 300 cows.

As someone who has literally just moved house and office, the number of logistical challenges of such an undertaking … is mind blowing.

#14: Pierre Issa (Pepe) and Melissa Altman, Pepe Saya Buttery (NSW)

Like never before, where we put our food dollars really matters and has a direct and immediate impact on those who make it, their staff and their families.

It’s why Pierre Issa (Pepe) and Melissa Altman, of the Pepe Saya Buttery, wanted to establish Aussie Artisan week to draw attention to the best artisan food makers in the county and it’s happening right now.