Dear All Cheese Lovers,

It is with much disappointment and regret to inform you that we must postpone MOULD – A Cheese Festival in Melbourne (June 25-27).

This Festival is all about connecting you, the cheese lover, to the amazing Australian cheese makers we help represent. Without you both, there is no festival.

Even with the likelihood of restrictions easing in time for June 25 – 27, there is still doubt and uncertainty surrounding interstate travel and the ability of the cheesemakers to not only join the event but return to their farms without the need to quarantine. Animals do not milk themselves, after all.

In addition, we need to make this decision now so the cheese makers are not under pressure to produce stock for the event and avoid the risk of excess stock. We don’t want to see good cheese go to waste. Been there, done that.

For us, it is difficult to express how this feels as the disappointment is real and deep, as since October 2019, we (REVEL) have run only two festivals (Brisbane and Sydney MOULD) and are yet to run one in our beloved hometown.

It is all the more bitter when we consider the festival sold out well over a month ago, and how patient and supportive all of you have been. Plus, you know, lockdown.

HOWEVER, we will NOT be cancelling this event and have been working with the venue, and others, to find an alternative and we’re pleased to say we have a solution and, in many ways, have come full circle.

This event is going to happen, damn it!


AUGUST 13, 14 & 15
The Meat Market

5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.

ALL tickets are immediately transferred to the new dates (even if your printed ticket has old dates)
Same session. Same day. Only different date.
If you cannot make the new date, we will happily refund your tickets up until 14 days to the event (from June 15), though please be patient with processing. We’re a small team and doing all we can.

The Meat Market was actually where we had originally planned to hold the event in 2020 so it is wonderful to be able to be back there.

We acknowledge the postponement of this event, and the change of venues, is not ideal and frustrating.
We feel you.
But in the end, we’d rather run a safe, wonderful event experience than not.

Your continued support and patience is so very, very appreciated. Like, so much.

Much Love
Dan, Rachel & Dave


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