Welcome to December! We hope you have an un-BRIE-lievable Christmas 

More than ever ‘tis the season to be jolly and festive. So we have selected cheeses that are perfect for your get togethers with family and friends. Because honestly, cheese always tastes better with others!


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Vannella Cheese ‘Buffalo Mozzarella’ (100g)
Tilba Real Dairy ‘Mountain Ash Camembert’ (150g)
Long Paddock Cheese ‘Ironbark’ (150g)
Grandvewe ‘Gin Herbalist’ (150g)

Cheeses are full-sized and weights are estimates as cheeses are hand-cut. Any concerns, just let us know!

Vannella Cheese – Sydney (Eroa), NSW

“Buffalo Mozzarella” – soft, stretched curd, buffalo milk

A soft pillow of creamy indulgence! Stretched and molded under a watchful eye. With thick skin and a tender milky center which is mouth-wateringly smooth and rich. Flavour of summer! With subtle hints of sweetness and a lingering tang, this is the best, fresh, 100% buffalo milk at its best. We love Vannella’s motto of “There’s a story behind every craft and a hand behind every cheese” and this is very true for Vannella.

Tilba Real Dairy – Tilba Central (Yuin), NSW

“Mountain Ash Camembert” – white mould, cow’s milk

It starts as a rich and buttery delight and then develops a sharp finish. Rolled in charred coconut husks during the forming process. During maturation, it develops a fluffy white rind on top of the black ash. Nic and Erica Dibben have been involved in the agriculture industry for over 20 years and are passionate about providing both outstanding products but also insight into agriculture and what it takes to produce food. Tilba Real Dairy is a family-run business that breeds, farms, milks, and makes dairy products from Jersey cows.  

Long Paddock Cheese – Castlemaine (Djadjawurung), VIC

“Ironbark” – hard, organic cow’s milk

Hard-cooked-curd-aged alpine-style cheese with a firm & elastic center and an earthy rind. melt in your mouth texture with a beautiful balance of caramel butter and umami tones. This cheese is oh so generous with length of flavour! Long Paddock Cheese is a small-scale artisan cheese producer making a range of organic cow’s milk cheese. Located in Castlemaine, Victoria, it is not only home to the production side of Long Paddock cheese but it is there that they have developed one of Australia’s first Cheese Schools.

Grandvewe – Birchs Bay (Nuenonne), TAS

“Gin Herbalist” – semi-hard, ewe’s milk

GIN AND CHEESE, YES YOU READ IT RIGHT. This special number is modeled on the famous Fleur De Marquis sheep milk cheese. Flavoured using spent native Australian botanicals from Hartshorn Distillery’s gin.  Wonderfully aromatic and downright delicious. It has a sweet and floral character as well as lemon myrtle, anise myrtle, wattleseed and Tasmanian pepper leaf from the gin botanicals.

DRINKS (Option add ons)

Hartshorn Distillery ‘Sheeps Whey GIN’- 200ml

Hartshorn Distillery shares land with Grandvewe Cheeses in fact it’s a real family affair! Same family doing different things with the same goal — reduce waste, look after each other, look after the planet. So when it comes to their products, if there’s a will, there’s some whey and thus began the start of Hartshorn’s sheep’s whey Vodak and Gins. Their gin botanicals are vapor-infused, which isn’t done very often in Australia. It gives it a delicate, subtle bouquet — petals, citrus, a hint of fresh-cut hay. Besides the juniper, they use only native Australian botanicals. This fantastic gin also won a Gold Medal at the World Gin Awards in 2018.

Curatif Cocktails – mixed 4 pack

Curatif offers World Class Cocktails. In Cans. Its that simple. Developed in collaboration with the world’s best crafted spirits, Curatif cocktails are the drinks of the world’s best bars, blended to perfection for you to indulge in when and where you choose. Curatif have spent decades learning and perfecting cocktail craft in order to empower you to acquire the perfect cocktail to elevate every occasion. In this mixed box we have selected the Archie Rose Espresso Martini⁠, Tequila Tromba Tommy’s Margarita, Plantation Rum Hurricane ⁠& Trader Vic’s Mai Tai. ⁠


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