Choose between a box of three or four cheeses!


  • Pecora Dairy ‘Bloomy’ (120gm)
  • The Pines ‘Pearl’ (200-220gm)
  • Nimbin Valley ‘Nashua Washed Rind’ (150gm)
  • Section 28 ‘Monte Rosso’ (150gm) – 4 BOX ONLY


Price includes express shipping (approx $20 per box). We use StarTrack Express to guarantee the cheese gets to you in excellent condition. 

Please note …

  • Supply is limited 
  • Boxes will be shipped on Monday 3 July for delivery that week. Shipping details here.
  • Boxes are insulated with up-cycled Planet Protector wool lining and ice blocks to ensure cheese is cool for up to four days.
  • Please ensure someone is home to collect (you’ll get a notification when its on route)
  • Put the cheese in the fridge when it arrives to you! Remember, cheese is best stored cool. 

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We’re stoked to share with you our third MOULD Cheese Collective box, featuring some incredible Australian cheese from our friends at Pecora Dairy, The Pines – Kiama, Section 28 Nimbin Valley

Now, it’s up to you how many cheese you’d like to your home! Four or three?

NOTE: Three cheese box does NOT include Section 28 Monte Rosso

PECORA DAIRY, Robertson (NSW) 

Bloomy (Sheeps milk, soft)
We’re blooming excited about this cheese as Michael and Cressida from Pecora have handmade it especially for you! Pecora is a gorgeous farm in Robertson in New South Wales where they make incredible sheep milk cheese which graze on lush, green pasture.
The ‘bloomy’ is actually a mix of sheep and cow milk held together by a delicate, wrinkled rind. You’ll fall in love with its gooey texture and soft, silky smooth centre. looming delicious. 


Pearl (Cows milk, semi hard)
Named after the cow from which the cheese came “Pearl” is a wondrous semi-hard, alpine style cheese from our good mates Kel and Mahlah Grey of The Pines, in Kiama. With a family farming history dating back to 1854, they’ve seen and been through it all. Now they look after a small herd of just 25 cows to focus on quality and sustainability. We’re a little stoked to share this with you as it was ‘Pearl’ that made its debut at the very first MOULD Cheese Festival back in 2017. Super smooth, subtle bite and heart warming, we love this cheese. 

NIMBIN VALLEY – Nimbin (New South Wales)

Nashua Washed Rind (Cows milk, brie style)
Fifth generation dairy farmers, these guys know a thing or two about how to create the best quality milk for cheese. Situated in Nimbin (the west hills of Byron Bay), this award winning washed rind has us salivating. Inspired by the famous burgundian cheese Époisses, this cheese builds and builds in flavour as it comes to room temperature. Patience will reward you well here so take your time folks! It has a smooth gooey centre with a robust bite from the rind adding all the complexities and flavours. 

SECTION 28 – Adelaide Hills (SA)

Monte Rosso (cows milk, semi soft)
So gouda to welcome back another Section 28 cheese to the box! This time, it’s their semi-soft, silky, lightly washed rind ‘Monte Rosso’. Whilst inspired by the Italian Alpine cheeses, it’s home is unapologetically Adelaide Hills and has us immediately wanting a crusty loaf of bread, an open fire and a not so insignificant sized glass of vino. This cheese is all about highlighting the purity of the milk in all its wonderful, complex layers of flavour. Hot tip; Put a little slice on a hot pan, grill the top and slide onto a good sourdough and enjoy with a glass of nebbiolo!

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Like us, we know you’re passionate about where your produce comes from, and our support right now has the power to keep these producers’ businesses alive. Where we put our food dollars really matters and has a direct and immediate impact on producers, their staff and their families. So let’s continue to show the love and support the little guy.