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Got someone on your rind? Let them know they melt your heart with this very limited lovers box. It’s packed with all Australian goodies including three cheeses, handmade chocolate, a soy wax candle, optional cocktails plus a tasting card. Muah! 

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  • Boxes are insulated with up-cycled Planet Protector wool lining and ice blocks to ensure the cheese is cool for up to four days in transit.
  • Please ensure someone is home to collect (you’ll get a notification when it’s en route).

Please note: We work closely with our shipping partner StarTrack to get your cheese to you as soon as possible. With increased demand on our postage system during this time, please be patient with deliveries. You’ll receive tracking information once collected from our warehouse.


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Section 28 ‘La Primavera’
Grandvewe ‘Drunken Admiral’
Yarra Valley Dairy ‘Ashed Pyramid’
Coal River Farm White Chocolate with Dried Raspberries’  (85gms)
Full Glasses Candle ‘
Pinot or Chardonnay 100% soy wax candle’ (5hr burn time)
Mould ‘Crackers’ (100gms)


Curatif ‘Espresso Martini’ cocktail (150ml)
Curatif ‘Mai Tai’ cocktail (150ml)

(Cheeses weigh between 130 – 200gms. Weights are estimates as cheeses are hand-cut. Any concerns, just let us know!)


Section 28 – Adelaide Hills, SA

“La Primavera” – Semi-hard, cow’s milk

Section 28 are inspired by the classic traditions of European cheesemakers yet their home is unapologetically Adelaide Hills. Though Section 28 nods at classic techniques they love exploring Australian flavours and drawing as much from nature as they can. As its name implies, the ‘La Primavera’ is made from the first milk of spring. This cheese is smooth, delicately nutty and covered in dried meadow flowers that accentuate the land. 

Grandvewe – Birchs Bay, TAS

“Drunken Admiral” – semi-hard, sheep’s milk

When the team at grandvewe talk about their ‘girls’ you immediately know they’re referring to their darling herd of ewes. As the name implies, this cheese has had a dunk in some booze! I mean, why the hell not! After maturing for three months the Admiral is left to soak in good quality local wine, allowing the flavours mesh, creating the ultimate wine-cheese combo. This cheese is a wine-er, that’s for sure. 

Yarra Valley Dairy – Yarra Valley, VIC

“Ashed Pyramid” – soft, goat’s milk

So what is an Ashed Pyramid? Don’t think too hard, it is exactly as the name implies. This stunningly moulded pyramid is coated in graded ash that doesn’t impart flavour, instead adds a light effervescence to the texture of the cheese. It has all those wonderful goat’s milk characteristics, it’s light, smooth with a fresh tangy finish. Yarra Valey Dairy is a must-see when in the area, the historical building where cheese is made is the original building used by early settlers to supply the area with butter and milk. 

Coal River Farm  – Coal River, TAS

White Chocolate with Dried Raspberries

Decadent handmade white chocolate sprinkled with dried rasberries picked straight from the farm. Everything at Coal River Farm is small batch and handmade, from their chocolates to cheese from jams and seasonal spreads. Nothing says I love you quite like hand-made chocolate.

Full Glasses Candle,  NSW

Pinot and Chardonnay 100% soy wax candle

Hand-poured by sommelier Samantha Payne, these candles are infused with grape skins and other seasonal wine aromas. Using her years of experience and expert somm nose, Sam has isolated distinct wine scents and encapsulated them in her candles. Pretty neat hey!

Mould Crackers

What’s a platter without some crackers! Our light wafer crackers are the perfect vessel for large chunks of cheese.


Two Curatif Cocktails

‘Espresso Martini’

Enjoy speciality brewed coffee from Seven Seeds, blended with craft distilled Archie Rose Original Vodka. The perfect cocktail to ensure you go the date distance … *ahem* 

‘Mai Tai’

Made by the current Australian Bartender Magazine’s “Rum Bar of the Year”, this Mai Tai is a perfect balance of spice, acidity and fruity sweetness. One sip will land you straight to a tropical island and who doesn’t want that right now!


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