Milk Made: A Book About Cheese


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We could tell you about Nick Haddow’s book, Milk Made but we think it’s best coming from him directly! But what we can say is that EVERY new subscriber during October RAW month will receive a copy of this book with their first order.

“Before settling on Bruny Island, I spent years working around the world as a cheesemaker, cheesemonger, judge and educator. In ‘Milk. Made.’ I share my experiences of making, serving and storing cheese at home, as well as give you more than 70 of my favourite recipes that celebrate cheese in its myriad glorious forms.

Accompanied by my mate and acclaimed photographer Alan Benson, we visited internationally-renowned cheesemakers in Australia, France, the UK, Switzerland and the US. At a time when real cheese everywhere is under pressure from industrialised agriculture, I hope that ‘Milk. Made.’ becomes your definitive guide for making wise choices about the cheese you buy and eat.

I hope that it also takes you on a journey that celebrates the centuries-old traditions of cheesemaking and reveals how they are being applied in new ways today. I really hope you love it.” Nick Haddow, Bruny Island Cheese.


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