The September box features four cheesemakers from Victoria: Milawa, Stone & Crow, Shaw River and Yarra Valley Dairy.

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Boxes will be shipped from Monday 28 September
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  • Supply is limited.
  • Choose between three or four cheeses.
  • Boxes are insulated with up-cycled Planet Protector wool lining and ice blocks to ensure the cheese is cool for up to four days in transit.
  • Please ensure someone is home to collect (you’ll get a notification when its en route).

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It goes without saying that things in Victoria have been a little rough of late, and as a business who is proudly of the state, we thought we’d put together a special box of cheese to celebrate some of the incredible cheesemakers within our borders. 

This cheese box includes some amazing cheeses from across the state and whilst this is a humble selection, we encourage you throughout the month of September to seek and support Victorian businesses in whatever they do. Cheese, wine, produce … you name it!

And with a line up like below, it’s pretty easy to do. 


STONE  & CROW (Yarra Valley)

‘Moonshine’ (Cows Milk, Semi-hard, washed in Four Pillars Gin)
Cheesemaker Jack Holman had initially been working with Four Pillars, using their leftover botanicals to flavor the rind of a cheese. One day he stopped in to top up his supply when Cam (mate of Jack’s and head distiller) opened up the bottom of the still to empty a bunch of liquid. That stillage is a tea-like substance that holds a lot of the botanical flavor, making a great replacement for some of the whey in this cheese – total infusion!


“Aged Blue” (Cows Milk, Blue)
The Milawa Blue is an absolute classic Victorian cheese and have been setting benchmarks since they started.
This special selection blue cheese is aged for 6 months to further develop the flavour and we can attest, this has layers upon layers of it with an almost sweet finish. Sit back with an open fire, glass or fine rutherglen fortified wine and get stuck in. 


“Annie Baxter” (Buffalo Milk, Semi-hard)
Shaw River is synonymous with Buffalo milk in Australia and this award winning, Annie Baxter, is an absolute classic. Named after the original owner of the property, Annie Baxter, a red jacket wearing, pistol shooting dingo hunter (seriously). This is cooked, hard cheese from their buffalo herd is deliciously bitey, perfect on it’s on or frankly, sprinkle it on anything and everything we can think of. This is your new parmesan alternative. 


Bullseye” (Cows Milk, Semi-hard)
If you don’t visit this dairy when in the Yarra Valley, did you even Yarra Valley? These guys make an array of amazing cheese so picking just one was tough but we think this Bullseye is bang on the mark. Semi-hard cows milk cheese, aged just right to give that balance between texture, nutty and creaminess. 


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Like us, we know you’re passionate about where your produce comes from, and our support right now has the power to keep these producers’ businesses alive. Where we put our food dollars really matters and has a direct and immediate impact on producers, their staff and their families. So let’s continue to show the love and support the little guy.

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