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Boxes are insulated with up-cycled Planet Protector wool lining and ice blocks to ensure the cheese is cool for up to four days in transit. Please ensure someone is home to collect (you’ll get a notification when it’s en route).

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MOULD Black Friday Cheese Box BOX #45 I Black Friday Feature - Mould Cheese Collective BOX #45 I Black Friday Feature - Mould Cheese Collective BOX #45 I Black Friday Feature - Mould Cheese Collective BOX #45 I Black Friday Feature - Mould Cheese Collective

The Cheesy Details

What did the piece of cheese say to itself in the mirror? Halou-mi! We're a bit cheese mad here at Mould Cheese Collective, and we've lined up some cracker cheeses to kickstart the festive season, including some old favourites (looking at you Milawa Blue), a new producer to MOULD Festival circuit with their truffle cheese, a limited edition Christmas Brie, and a powerful aged cheddar. As we say, it ain't no party until the cheeseboard arrives.  

*Shipping from Monday 27th November* 

What's in the box?  

🧀 Kris Lloyd Artisan - Christmas Jersey Brie | 200g
🧀 The Cheese Rebels -  Truffle Cheese I 150g 
🧀 Milawa - Aged Blue I 150g
🧀 Pyengana - Traditional Cloth Mature Cheddar I 150g

*Crackers not included*

KRIS LLOYD ARTISAN - Adelaide Hills (Peramangk), SA - ‘Christmas Jersey Brie’ cows, jersey milk

Kris Lloyd Artisan is the sister company to the established  Woodside Cheese Wrights brand which started in 1994, Kris Lloyd jumped onboard in 1999 having no background in cheesemaking, from then she has made it her mission to produce some of Australia’s most superior cheeses with accolades to match.  All of their cheeses are made by hand and source some of South Australia's finest milk from goats, cows and even buffalo. The artisan brie is made with milk sourced from local Jersey cows, and cave aged for 10 days. You’ll find a sweet, milky centre,  and as it develops  a funky, mushroomy and earthy flavour shines through. 

THE CHEESE REBELS - Epping (Wallumedegal), VIC - ‘Truffle Cheese’, Cows, hard 

The Cheese Rebels was formed by Hajo who studied cheesemaking in Germany before coming to Australia in 2006 bringing European cheese wisdom with him. Cheese  Rebels first appeared on the MOULD Cheese festival circuit in Perth this year and the crowd went wild for their cheeses, all of which are infused with some cracking flavours. The truffle cheese from Cheese Rebels is a sensory delight! Who doesn’t love truffle cheese? This one is an opulent cheese with a smooth creamy mouthfeel and a subtle crumbliness. Truffles are sourced from Great Southern in WA and provide the palate with a umami-mushroom flavour explosion.

MILAWA CHEESE COMPANY -  Milawa (Waveroo), VIC - ‘Aged Blue’, cow, blue    

One of the pioneers of the Australian cheese industry David and Ann Brown were ready to leave the hustle of Melbourne when they stumbled on an old butter factory in 1988, they knew they had found a home. Now managed by daughter Ceridwen, Milawa continues to set the benchmark for Aussie cheese. Make sure you add their cheese room to your list of King Valley must-visits. The Aged Milawa Blue originates from their soft and creamy Milawa Blue, however it is given more time to mature and gain a little more oomph! Hand-selected batches of Milawa Blue are aged for up to six to twelve months to create slightly sweeter, stronger flavours and a dark-coloured interior. This batch is 10 months old, made in February 2023, so expect it to be packing plenty of rich salty and tangy flavours, with earthiness coming through from the blue veins.  

PYENGANA DAIRY - Pyengana (Pyemmairrener), TAS- ‘Traditional Cloth Matured Cheddar’, cow, cheddar. 

Located on the East Coast of Tasmania, Pyengana Dairy stands as one of Australia's pioneering farmhouse cheese producers. With a legacy spanning 130 years, they expertly blend traditional cheese-making techniques with innovative approaches to craft exceptional dairy products. Their signature cheese, a traditional clothbound cheddar, has set a benchmark in the Australian cheese scene, consistently garnering accolades and winning multiple awards at renowned cheddar competitions across the country. Their aged clothbound cheddar is aged for 12 months that gives it a full-bodied flavour with a slightly nutty sweetness, sharp tang, hints of fruitiness, and a subtle earthiness. This cheddar develops delightful crunchy crystals and exhibits a crumbly texture that adds to its unique character.

All cheeses will be good to eat for the holiday season ahead!