They took out the People’s Choice competition in 2017, they’ve won actual real life awards for their cheese, and they’re just downright delicious! Get to know the family behind Shaw River Buffalo Cheese here.

Tell us your story!
Australia’s first herd of milking buffalo was imported by Roger, Suzanne and Clyde Haldane in 1995 from Italy and Bulgaria. In 1996 we began milking and producing cheese from the buffalo’s delicious milk, introducing fresh buffalo mozzarella and buffalo yoghurt to the Australian market for the first time and developing a range of unique semi-hard cheeses.

Just 66 buffalo formed our foundation herd, but we now have over 500 purebred milking buffalo that roam free range, grazing the lush pastures on the banks of the Shaw River.

Shaw River is very much a family affair. Roger and Suzanne Haldane run the business together with their daughters Thea and Amy, and son Ewan. Our farming practices draw from the slow food philosophy embodying Roger and Suzanne’s desire to live a simple holistic lifestyle.

We milk our buffalo just once a day and use low impact farming methods without the use of pesticides and antibiotics. Our products are handmade, staying true to traditional cheese making techniques.

Our Farmhouse cheese factory and buffalo dairy are located at Yambuk, at the end of the Great Ocean Road in South West Victoria.

Tell us about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?

  • We produce buffalo mozzarella, buffalo yoghurt and a unique range of semi-hard buffalo milk cheese.
  • We use ONLY !! 100% buffalo milk from our own herd of animals.
  • Our mozzarella is hand-stretched and pinched, creating a cheese with a beautiful meaty texture.
  • Our flagship cheese Annie Baxter is loosely based on a pecorino/romano-style cheese, and named after one of our region’s early settlers. It aged in our factory for 12 months and has become a favourite amongst cheese lovers. Annie Baxter Special Reserve is our newest edition to our range – The Annie is sent for ageing at Stone and Crow Cheese where it develops a beautiful, natural rind and a more earthy flavour. It was state winner in the delicious. produce awards, and is already a permanent fixture on the menu of the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong.
  • Our natural yoghurt is thick and creamy with a delicate flavour and curd-like texture.
  • Buffalo milk is naturally sweet and less tart than other natural yoghurts.

Hard or Soft?

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