Stone & Wood is by three boys – Brad, Jamie and Ross – who, sick of “working for the man”, decided to go out on their own. They established the company in 2008 and built their first brewery in Byron Bay, followed up with a second (due to demand!) in¬†Murwillumbah in 2014.

Wine is often the go-to for cheese, but beer is just as good. Perhaps it’s even better. Especially S&C’s Green Coast Lager, which it’ll be selling at Mould Cheese Festival. See for yourself.

Tell us your story!
Born and raised in Byron Bay, we take a fresh approach to brewing handcrafted beer in the Northern Rivers of NSW, one of the greatest places on earth. Our brewing philosophy at Stone & Wood is based on brewing beer that makes the most of the ingredients available today. Beer that simply lets the flavours and aromas of the ingredients shine through by keeping the processes to a minimum. Beer that is simply good to drink.

Tell us something about your brew and what makes it unique?

  1. Subtle hops
  2. Full malt
  3. Soft, clean finish

Green Coast has a light amber colour with a natural yeast cloud, and a flavour that strikes a balance between its subtle hop aroma and full malt palate, finishing soft and clean. Something so fine, yet so complex requires quality ingredients, attention to detail and finesse to produce.

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