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We make a range of delicious, fresh artisan cheeses from both cows and goats milk, including our much loved Persian Fetta. Most of our cheeses are soft, in a style that reflects the farmhouse cheese of France and Italy.

We pioneered the marinated fetta style of cheese first creating it around 22 years ago.

Tell us three things about your style of cheeses and what makes them unique?
Our fetta is made with cows milk as opposed to the traditional style made with either sheep or goats milk or a combination of both. We then marinate it in olive oil to make it even more luscious.

Our white mould cheeses are the result of various recipe sourcing trips we have sent our cheesemaker – Jack Holman on over the years. We even named one of them after him – Le Jack, a semi-mature white mould goats cheese. Unlike a camembert style which it resembles in appearance, it can be eaten at various stage of its maturation making for a versatile cheese – kind of like Jack himself..

We named our fresh goats cheese – Gentle Goat. Because its gentle on the pallet and is a definite crowd pleaser, nabbing in those stuffy “I don’t like goats cheese” folk everytime. It ain’t ‘goaty’ as they say.

Do you have a favourite Cheese pun?
You have a friend in cheeses.

Hard or Soft?
we make both so ridiculously unfair question. Like choosing your favourite wine..

Best cheese and booze match ever?
We are loving our Ashed Pyramid with the current release of Serrat Chardonnay. Acid meets acid head on. This doesn’t always work, it can be a little jarring, but these guys are having a ball together.

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