With great cheese, comes great opportunity! And we think that cheese comes to life with a cheeky little drink beside it. We’ve got some world class beer & cider, vodka & whisky and sake & vino for you to discover. Take a taste and find your perfect partner!



Campbell is one of the most extraordinary wine communicators and downright passionate people we know. We’re stoked he’s back again this year with yet another line up of wonderful wines all organic and with minimal intervention.
We love him so much we asked him to write in our sister publication, Pinot Palooza. You can read his article HERE

Sparkling (100ml/bottle)
2013 Sylvain Martinez Gazouillis Chenin Blanc, Loire – 12 / 75
2014 Carriel dels Vilars Pell de Ceba, Catalonia – 15 / 99
2011 Benoit Camus L’Indigene, Beaujolais – 13 / 83

2018 Manon High Paradise Savagnin/Chardonnay, Adelaide Hills – 9 / 58
2018 Sam Vinciullo Sauvignon Blanc, Margaret River – 9 / 58
2018 Limus Riesling, Mt Gambier – 10 / 62
2016 Jordi Llorens Blan 5-7 Macabeo, Conca de Barbera – 11 / 65
2015 Pierre Boyat Pure Laine Chardonnay, Macon – 13 / 88
2015 Jerome Lambert Un Brin Gourmand Chenin, Loire – 15 / 99
2013 Verge Le Balaise Oxidatif chardonnat, Macon – 16 / 107

2018 Sam Vinciullo Cow Town Shiraz, Margaret River – 9 / 58
2017 Manon Pinot Noir, Adelaide Hills – 10 / 62
2018 Rahpael Beysang & Emelie Hurtubise Nouveau Litre Gamay (1L), Beaujolais – 9 / 80
2017 Bodega Cueva Vi-Viu Syrah, Valencia – 11 / 65
2016 L’Ostal Vendredi Malbec, Cahors – 12/70
2009 Carriel dels Vilars Red, Catalonia – 15 / 99

Extraordinary Brandy (30ml)
Schnabel Weinbrand, South Styria – 19


Haddow & Dineen ‘One Hundred Days ‘ Méthode Ancestrale, 2019 – $15 by glass, $50 by bottle
Haddow & Dineen ‘Grain of Truth’ Pinot Gris, 2018 – $15 by glass, $50 by bottle
Haddow & Dineen ‘Private Universe’ Pinot Noir, 2018 – $15 by glass, $50 by bottle



Farm Ale
Tasmanian pale ale 4.8% ABV
Fruity pale ale made with barley, wheat,
oats and hops from Tasmanian farms.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $10
Four pack $33

Cloudy Bay IPA
raw wheat India Pale Ale 6.6% ABV
Hazy IPA made with Bruny Island wheat
and all-Tasmanian hops.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $11
Four pack $37

Whey Stout
sweet stout enriched with whey 5.8% ABV
Roasty milk stout enriched with lactose from
the whey left over after cheese making.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $10
Four pack $33

Rye Smile
dark rye saison
Light roast flavours complement spicy notes
from the rye and Belgian yeast.
425mL cup $8.50
500mL bottle $10.50
Four pack $35

dark pale ale 5.5% ABV
Smooth malt and spicy rye notes meet
pungent, fruit-driven hop aromas.
500mL bottle $10
Four pack $33

Lighthouse Ale
session red ale 2.8% ABV
Rich and malty with subtle, fruity hops
and firm bitterness.
500mL bottle $8.00
Four pack $27

Second Breakfast
honey and oat brett saison 7.3% ABV
Rustic brett flavours and acidity
balanced by delicate honey notes.
750mL bottle $18

2019 Metric Stout
whisky barrel aged post-imperial stout 10.5% ABV
Smooth, intense, and delicious.
750mL bottle $26

The Long Paddock
Tasmanian saison 6.5% ABV
Earthy cereal notes mingle with fruit and
spice flavours against a very dry finish.
750mL bottle $17
750mL mixed three – $50
Mixed four packs – discounts apply


Our core range ciders:
Earthy, medium dry, cloudy – real apple flavours – culinary-apples, and a blend of culinary and cider-apples. The ciders that people know us for. Sessionable or a bit more contemplative – just as happy to go solo as they are cuddling up to a plate of Aussie cheeses.

Willie Smith’s Organic Cider
250ml Glass: $7
355ml can: $9
Takeaway 4 pack: $25

Willie Smith’s Traditional Cider
250ml Glass: $7
355ml can: $9
Takeaway 4 pack: $25

Willie Smith’s Wild Ferment Cider
250ml glass: $7
Keg only – no takeaway

The 750ml – Cider-Apple Ciders:
These are our ciders that really tell the cider apple story. Either single variety cider-apple ciders which scream varietal character – or a blend of cider-apples to paint a picture of how blending the best cider-apples from a vintage works. Either way these babies are full of character, texture, and big apple flavours. Tannin / fruit / acid – say hello to cheese! Available by the 100ml taste or by 250ml glass.

Willie Smith’s Yarlington Mill Cider
100ml Taste: $4
250ml glass: $10
Takeaway 750ml Bottle: $30

Willie Smith’s French Blend Cider
100ml Taste: $4
250ml glass: $10
Takeaway 750ml Bottle: $30



Over the bar
Starward Two-Fold, Fever Tree Tonic and Lemon $9
Starward Two-Fold, Fever Tree Dry and Orange $9
Starward Two-Fold, Sparkling Apple and Lemon $9

Honey Buttered Old Fashioned $15
Tambo Honey and Devondale Butter washed Two-Fold Whisky with smoked bitters and orange
(This was a massive hit at our Distillery bar activation Graze and Grain and a nice note that it will be available at Mould)

To take home
Starward Nova Single Malt Whisky $96
Starward Solera Single Malt Whisky $125
Starward Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky $65
Starward Red Manhattan $49


Vodka $70
Gin $90
Oaked $100
Liqueur $40

Hibiscus and Whey – a refreshing and floral blend of Sheep Whey vodka, lemon and hibiscus infused syrup.
Martini – A classic with a Tasmanian twist. Sheep Whey Gin or Vodka, Lillet Blanc, stirred down and served with a single rose petal floating on top.
Gin and Tonic – Capi Tonic with our Sheep whey Gin and a delicate rose dust sprinkled on top



Uehara Shuzo, Soma no Tengu, 2019, Shiga – 13 / 80
Chikuma Nishiki, Kizan Sanban, 2019 Nagano – 12 / 75
Chiyo Shuzo, Shinomine Kimoto, 2018 Nara – 12 / 72
Fujiichi Shuzo, Kikutaka Kobo #7, 2017 Aichi – 10 / 155
Kidoizumi Shuzo, Hakugyokuko, 2018 Chiba – 13 / 79
Akishika Shuzo, Okarakuchi, 2018 Osaka – 14 / 83
Miwasakura Shuzo, Omusubi, 2018 Hiroshima – 11 / 69
Miyako-Bijin, Yamahai Koshu, 2012 Awaji – 12 / 76
Heiwa Shuzo, Yuzushu, NV, Wakayama – 9 / 59
Ota Shuzo, ‘Dokan’ Umeshu, NV, Shiga – 8 / 55

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