With close to 80 different types of incredible Australian cheese on tasting, it pays to do a little research and prepare a game plan.

Here is a list, and a little background, of the makers, growers, farmers and families who make up this years festival.

For individual lists of cheeses, keep an eye on the QR code at entry for the full cheese list. It's where you can add producers to your favourites and create you're very own cheese list.

But please remember and keep in mind, cheese doesn't grow on trees and due to the artisan nature of the makers we help represent, many cheeses are in short supply and limited production.

Don't worry, there is plenty of cheese to go around but some are in short supply.

Thank you for understand and supporting Australian artisan cheese makers.




    Handmade with heart. Perfected by tradition.⁠

    Milawa are a family of cheese lovers who craft mind-blowingly-good artisan cheese in Victoria's high country. Matured with care, using a blend of traditional techniques and a uniquely Australian spirit of adventure, Milawa crafts small batch beauties for every kind of cheese lover - from creamy bries to stinky washed rinds to the freshest chèvre.⁠


    The only thing we love more than soft cow’s milk cheese marinated in fresh herbs, garlic, and olive oil is when its personally presented by the legendary team at Yarra Valley Dairy themselves. Yarra Valley Dairy shares their European style soft cheeses all adapted from beautiful local Australian milk and hand crafted in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.⁠



    It's 'thumbs up' all round when it comes to @longpaddockcheese.⁠


    They're making some of the most exciting and unique cheese in the country and all from certified organic milk in Central Victoria.⁠

    Inspired by the most famous cheeses in the world, they remain uniquely Australian⁠



    From the rolling hills of Gippsland to MOULD, Tarago Cheese is ready to melt hearts with their cheesy goodness! 🧀 Seasoned pros in the cheese game, @taragocheese crafts the perfect blend of gooey, oozy, and creamy flavours. Shadows of Blue is the gold medal winning “jewel in this crown” that is as popular as ever,



    A true-blue guru of the blue, Barry Charlton from@berryscreek_cheesehas been at it for decades, winning awards (both nationally and internationally) and perfecting his craft so that blue-lovers like us can continue to enjoy the thrill of the most sense-rousing cheese of all.
    With years of fastidious cheese-making experience, Barry and Cheryl (and team) are ready to crumble our hearts at this year's MOULD festivals!


  • SECTION 28

    Adelaide Hills

    Influenced by the traditional methods of Eastern France and Northern Italy, Section 28 craft alpine-style cheeses in the Adelaide Hills. Meet the team and experience their MOULD special release cheeses at Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth festivals 🧀


    Barossa Valley Cheese is rolling into MOULD for their Festival debut and to say we’re excited for you to meet these SA legends is a massive understatement! From making wine in Bordeaux, to making cheese at home in the kitchen with her mum, Victoria and her team recently celebrated 20 years of cheesemaking in the Barossa Valley. So good.



    Cheese and chocolate… need we say more? Okay, we will. TASSIE LOCAL LEGENDS 🙌! Meet the Coal River Farm family. They ditched the hustle of legal exec life for a dedication to honouring Tasmania's world-class farmland and produce and celebrating the magic of the Coal River Valley.⁠

    Crafting cheeses and chocolates that bring smiles to everyone's faces, MOULD goers are in for a treat with their creamy, bitey blues, to-die-for triple cream brie, mild yet complex, and smooth semi-hard cheeses, and their award-winning, earthy, and a little bit stinky washed rind 🤤⁠


    Meet the Grandvewe team, hailing from Tassie and pushing boundaries whey beyond your usual expectations. With the philosophy of doing good things differently, everything Grandvewe does is founded on respect for their sheep, the environment, and their love of exceptional cheese 🐑🫶 ⁠

    As innovators and creators, their no-waste solutions — from packaging to vodka (yep, that’s right @hartshorndistillery) — honour their home and the environment.⁠

    ⁠A clear fan favourite,


    Vets by trade, Roslyn and Genaro came to Australia on a protection visa back in 2011. Finding themselves as farmhands on a beef property, it set the foundations for a love affair of the connection between land, the animals they nurtured and products they produce.
    Falling in love with Tasmania was the next step and from there, the rest as they say, is history.
    They've become familiar and well sought faces at the festival and when you taste the cheese, you'll know why.


    We wish someone looked at us the way you look at Bruny Island Cheese

    They’re back and ready to MOULD. Jumping on the tour bus from Tassie, our good mates at Bruny Island are back sharing some of the finest artisan cheeses made in Australia. Always in pursuit of integrity and flavour, Nick Haddow has spent years working with specialist cheese makers around the world and is bringing the Bruny Island a-game back to the festival once again



    This family owned business, steeped in history, makes the finest, traditional, handcrafted, stretched cheese in Australia. ⁠

    But don’t take our word for it, Vannella took home the People’s Choice Producer of the Year Award in 2023! 🥳👏🏼 ⁠

    Can they back it up? ⁠


    What can we say about this team aside from they always bring the 'dub' to the 'rub'.
    Incredible native seasoning over great Australian Haloumi, lightly grilled, loads of personality and a heck of a lot of fun.
    Sign us up, always.


    Kerry and Paul hail from a long line of dairy farmers—five generations, to be exact. That’s quite the history! ⁠

    ⁠As the saying goes, it takes a village. Thanks to their wonderful friends and influences, they embarked on their cheese journey in 2007 and haven’t looked back since.⁠

    And what an impressive cheese range they offer! Our personal favourite? The Monte Nardi.


    You haven’t lived until you’ve met Frieda, a pungent, oozy and earthy cheese, the matriarch of the Second Mouse Cheese family and an absolute essential cheese for your MOULD weekend.

    Unashamedly fanatical about producing fine artisan cheese from the heart of the Orange wine region. Let’s GO!


    Located within the Old Wyong Milk Factory, along Alison Road in Wyong, Little Creek make some cheese with some pretty big ambition.
    From cheddar styles (and flavour!), to blue and more, they've quickly become a local go to.