When eating salty, fatty, funky and rich flavours it is important to find the best balance. Here are some examples of what accompaniments are perfect for your blue cheese to cosy up to. 

  • Blue cheese is the perfect dessert cheese. Grab some fruit cake or some fresh apples and peaches to finish off any meal. To balance some of the bolder blues, caramelised onion jam, or fruit pastes like quince or fig are also a perfect combo. Also try a drizzle of honey, that is a personal favourite.

  • Crunchy fresh bread and an arrangement of nuts is a fantastic way to enjoy blue cheese. While it is generally salty and bold, you can lean into that by pairing it with BBQ pulled pork or chicken wings. Don’t forget oatcakes and even pop some on your plate of breakfast bacon.

  • Yes there is so much more than wine to pair with cheeses and typically blue cheese and wine isn't a great combo. The trick to pairing drinks with blue cheese is to experiment, find what you like. The rich sticky sweet wines and fortified tend to work really well. If you have a rich blue something fresh and zingy like an apple or pear cider works in harmony with any blue. Remember to experiment, and not just with alcoholic beverages, try black tea or coffee. You’ll be surprised.

  • There are so many way to use blue cheese in cooking. Salades is most common. You cannot go wrong brining a bowl of Pear, walnut and blue cheese salad to a BBQ. For those vegetarians out there instead of a blue cheese and steak sandwich, swap out the steak for a portobello mushroom and you will not be disappointed. One of our favourites at MOULD is a blue cheese, caramelised onion and potato pizza! It will not disappoint.