Christmasy-Espresso-mar-cheesy Cocktail Recipe


Cheese and Cocktails? Cause why not it's Christmas after all. In our December Cheese Subscription Box we have a delightful coffee rubbed hard cheese from La Cantara Cheeses that will pair excellently with our Christmas version of an espresso martini. We recommend trying Sheep Whey Vodka from our friends at Hartshorn Distillery in Tassie, made with whey from the families Grandvewe Dairy. By adding the Amaro, you’ll get subtle notes of orange, rosemary, sage and liquorice, whilst still getting that coffee kick!

Leave one out for Santa as he’ll need a bit of a caffeine boost on Christmas Eve! 


30ml Hartshorn Sheep Whey Vodka 

15ml Averna - Siciliano Amaro

15ml Mr Black Coffee Liqueur 

15ml simple syrup

1 shot of espresso (30ml) 


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, but let the coffee cool before adding to the shaker. Add your ice, hard shake until ice cold. Pour into a coupe and serve with a slice of Cafe con Leche Coffee Rubbed Cheese. 

Recipe: Royston Greatorex

Photo: Hartshorn Distillery