Raw Milk Cheese Month I October 2023

Why do we celebrate RAW Month in October at MOULD?
Since 1999, Oldways Cheese Coalition and a group of dedicated producers, importers, retailers, and cheese lovers have advocated to preserve raw milk cheeses around the world. In 2015, they created the Annual International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day (aka #RawCheeseDay) to highlight the diversity and deliciousness of cheeses made with raw milk around the world..
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When is Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day this year? 

Saturday 21st October 

What is raw milk cheese? 

Raw milk cheese is made with milk that has not gone through pasteurisation. 

What is milk pasteurisation?

Heating milk to at least 72° C and retaining at this temperature for no less than 15 seconds.

What does this do?

Kills off any potential harmful micro organisms. However, it also eliminates most of the natural micro organisms found in milk. 

Why does this matter?

Did you know a cheese's flavour largely depends on tiny micro organisms within the cheese. These microbes work their magic during the cheese-making process and as it matures, breaking down the cheese into delightful, flavourful compounds.

 Milk pasteurisation began whey back in the 1800’s to increase the shelf life and to reduce milk caused illnesses from bacteria in unrefrigerated milk.

It’s no coincidence that the world’s most respected benchmark cheeses are made from raw milk. The reason is simple: flavour.


History of raw milk cheese in Australia

Since the 1960s all milk sold in Australia for human consumption, by law, needs to be pasteurised.

1998 – FSANZ attempted to ban the import of all raw milk cheeses. Following challenges in Switzerland an exemption is granted for cooked-curd cheeses such as Gruyère & Emmental
2002 – Exemptions granted for Italian cooked-cured cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano
2005After a comprehensive review and significant diplomatic efforts, the French blue cheese Roquefort has been granted an exemption
2009 – Australia's first raw milk cheese, C2, made by Bruny Island Cheese Co
2012 – FSANZ standard revised to allow local cooked-curd cheeses made from raw milk
2015 – FSANZ standards expanded to allow more local raw milk cheeses
2018 – First uncooked style of raw milk cheese made in Australia by Pecora Dairy
2020 - Prom Country Cheese produces the first raw milk cheese in Victoria in over 80 years
2022UK application approved to import 12 raw milk territorial cheese to Australia. 

Australia has some of the toughest food standards in the world. To truly savour the flavours of Australia within our cheese industry and experience the unique regional characteristics our cheeses can offer, it's important that we lend our support to the dedicated makers, growers, farmers and families who go above and beyond in crafting these exceptional raw cheeses. 

It's important to remember that unpasteurised cheese is made safely around the world and has been for hundreds of years.

Photo: Bruny Island Cheese Co